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Caulolatilus cyanops

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Osteichthyes
Family  Malacanthidae
Rank  Species
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Perciformes
Genus  Caulolatilus
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Caulolatilus cyanops, the Blackline tilefish, is a species of tilefish native to the western Atlantic Ocean where they are found from North Carolina to the northern coast of South America. They inhabit the seafloor in areas with muddy or sandy substrates at depths of from 45 to 495 metres (148 to 1,624 ft) though they are usually found between 150 and 250 metres (490 and 820 ft). They prey on invertebrates and smaller fishes. They can reach a length of 60 centimetres (24 in) TL though most are around 30 centimetres (12 in). The greatest recorded weight for this species is 11 kilograms (24 lb). This species is commercially important and is also sought after as a game fish.


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