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Caught in the Act (Redgum album)

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Released  May 1983
'Caught in the Act' (1983)  'Frontline' (1984)
Release date  May 1983
Label  Epic Records
Length  70:28
Artist  Redgum
Producer  Trevor Lucas
Genre  Folk music
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Recorded  Rose, Shamrock, and Thistle, Sydney, New South Wales
Similar  Brown Rice & Kerosine, Virgin Ground, The Essential Redgum, If You Don't Fight You Lose, Midnight Sun

Redgum caught in the act live

Caught in the Act is the fourth album by Australian folk group Redgum, released in 1983 on Epic Records. It was the only full-length live album they released. The title is taken from the sixth track, which was also featured on Brown Rice and Kerosine.


It features "I Was Only Nineteen", which was a number one hit in Australia.

As of 2015, Caught in the Act is the only Redgum album that is still in print on CD, aside from the greatest hits albums Against the Grain and The Essential Redgum.

Redgum caught in the act live

Track listing

  1. "Beaumont Rag"
  2. "The Last Frontier"
  3. "Brown Rice and Kerosine"
  4. "Nuclear Cop"
  5. "I Was Only Nineteen"
  6. "Caught in the Act"
  7. "Stewie"
  8. "Lear Jets Over Kulgera"
  9. "Fabulon"
  10. "The Diamantina Drover"
  11. "Where Ya Gonna Run To"
  12. "It Doesn't Matter To Me"
  13. "Long Run"
  14. "Poor Ned"
  15. "Raggin'"

On the original vinyl release of the album, "I Was Only Nineteen" ended side A and "Fabulon" began side B. The three intervening tracks were included on a 7" EP included in the package, with the title track on the A-side and the other two tracks on the B-side. The original cassette release ended side A with the title track and began side B with "Stewie" and "Lear Jets".


1Beaumont Rag9:33
2The Last Frontier4:50
3Brown Rice & Kerosene2:21


Caught in the Act (Redgum album) Wikipedia

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