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Caucasus Army Group (Ottoman Empire)

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Country  Ottoman Empire
Type  Army group
Caucasus Army Group (Ottoman Empire)
Active  March 8, 1917 - December 16, 1917
Patron  Sultans of the Ottoman Empire
Engagements  Caucasus Campaign (World War I)
Notable commanders  Ahmet Izzet Pasha (March 8, 1917 - December 16, 1917)

The Caucasus Army Group or Caucasian Army Group of the Ottoman Empire (Turkish: Kafkas Ordular Grubu) was one of the army groups of the Ottoman Army. It was formed during World War I.

Order of Battle, August 1917

In August 1917, the army group was structured as follows:

  • Caucasus Army Group (Birinci Ferik Ahmet Izzet Pasha)
  • Second Army, (Mirliva Mustafa Fevzi Pasha)
  • II Corps (Miralay Cafer Tayyar Bey)
  • 1st Division, 42nd Division
  • IV Corps
  • 11th Division, 12th Division,48th Division
  • XVI Corps
  • 5th Division, 8th Division
  • 2nd Regular Cavalry Division
  • Van Gendarmerie Division
  • Third Army, (Ferik Mehmet Esat Pasha)
  • I Caucasian Corps (Miralay Kâzım Karabekir Bey)
  • 9th Caucasian Division, 10th Caucasian Division, 36th Caucasian Division
  • II Caucasian Corps (Mirliva Yakup Şevki Pasha)
  • 5th Caucasian Division, 11th Caucasian Division, 37th Caucasian Division
  • V Corps
  • Coastal Detachments
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