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Carlo J. Caparas' Bangis

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Directed by  Topel Lee
First episode date  3 October 2011
Network  TV5
Country of origin  Philippines
Final episode date  30 December 2011
Number of episodes  65
Carlo J. Caparas' Bangis httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenbb5Cap
Created by  TV5 Network (company) Carlo J. Caparas
Starring  Oyo Boy Sotto Danita Paner BJ Go
Opening theme  "Ako'y Kasama Mo" by Michael Renz Cortez
Original language(s)  Filipino, Tagalog, English
Cast  Oyo Boy Sotto, Wendy Valdez
Program creators  TV5, Carlo J. Caparas, ABC Development Corporation
Similar  Babaeng Hampaslupa, Aksyon JournalisMO, Sapul sa Singko, Balitaang Tapat, Ang Utol Kong Hoodlum

Carlo J. Caparas' Bangis (lit. Ferocity) is Philippine TV’s first higante-serye and another primetime offering aired on Philippines by TV5 and starred by Oyo Boy Sotto, Danita Paner and child actor BJ Go. It is also the first TV adaptation of Caparas comics novel Matatalim na Pangil sa Gubat.



The story starts with Eboy, along with his parents Eman and Josie and adopted pet/brother giant crocodile Bangis, lives on an island barangay infamous for a legend of gigantic crocodiles and magic. One day, Don Serpente, the greedy, ambitious richest man of the municipality who has jurisdiction on the island,wants the island as his source of income by making the area a mine project,much to the opposition of Eman and others.He, along with Josie was killed by his henchmen.The villagers, fearing Eboy was among the dead and devoured by the crocodiles, was revealed alive, thanks to his brother crocodile. Alone, an orphan and no one to lean on, he became a wanderer.While some villagers and some opposition to the project was killed, seemingly devoured by the giant crocodiles,suspected Eboy's brother, later revealed being done by Serpente's henchman and Baktin's step-father and a crocodile trainer Musang, who also has a giant black crocodile. Katkat, Serpente's daughter, became friends with (ironic) Eboy, until the revelation. Baktin's loss, paired by Musang's abuse, caused her mother to lose her sanity.

Meanwhile, a veteran wildlife hunter named Leon was after Bangis just for revenge for his father's death, caused by Serpente's crocodile.He fell in love in Eboy's teacher.While Josie, alive and contracted amnesia after the incident and under the care of Serpente's business partner.She regains her memories after she saw her son.

Leon later got Eboy and Bangis under his scope. But changed his mind later.

Serpente, the mine project set as a front for retrieving a mysterious power,starts his ambition.It is up to Leon, Eboy, Bangis and an ancient, white crocodile that acts as the guardian of the island to prevent Serpente's plan that have a disastrous consequences.

In the last scenes, Serpente claims the orb, revealed as the island's heart and core, corrupting it with his greed. The island became corrupted, animals became rabid,the land is dying and people turned into brainless zombies. But the orb's power is too much for him. He was absorbed,along with his mistress, Musang and other henchmen. It is up to Leon to sacrifice himself to negate the corruption of the orb by absorbing his body into it.But Josie, mortally wounded during the commotion, chose to sacrifice herself due to her love to her son.

In the end, Eboy, Katkat and Baktin, all orphans, became friends with Bangis, the killer crocodile and the guardian crocodile, the Barangay chairman is running for mayoralty, Leon continues to court the teacher, the orb, seemingly pure again and intact on the place, shines like a star, a constant change.

Main Cast

  • Oyo Boy Sotto as Leon Aguila
  • Danita Paner as Maya
  • BJ Go as Eboy
  • Anjo Yllana as Voice Of Bangis
  • Supporting Cast

  • Yul Servo as Don Dominador Serpente Jr.
  • Danny Javier as Lolo Wago
  • Tessie Tomas as Mama Mia
  • Miriam Quiambao as Josie
  • Wendy Valdez as Savanna Serpente
  • Bayani Agbayani as Chairman Shepperd
  • Marissa Sanchez as Bb. Tiririt
  • Rodjun Cruz as Musang
  • Katherine Luna as Magdalena
  • Felix Roco as Alamid
  • CJ Caparas as Falcon
  • Junevee as Douglas
  • Mavi Lozano as Puma Serpente
  • Jazz Ocampo as Tweety
  • Junyka Santarin as Katkat
  • Gerald Pesigan as Baktin
  • Nonie Buencamino as Don Aguila
  • References

    Carlo J. Caparas' Bangis Wikipedia

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