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Cardiff Crack

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Cardiff Crack

Cardiff Crack is a local slang term for a Burgundy Pepper Tri Tip offered by Seaside Market in Cardiff by the Sea, California, USA. It is a USDA Choice tri tip that is trimmed, marinated, and infused with a one-of-a-kind Burgundy Pepper marinade, which, through a secret process, permeates the beef

It is known as "Cardiff Crack" because its taste is considered addictive.

Seaside Market, Inc. applied for a trademark for "Cardiff Crack" July 18, 2013, and was assigned serial numbers 86014100 and 86014128.


Cardiff Crack (originally called Burgundy Pepper Tri Tip, and later given the nickname "Cardiff Crack" by customers) was created in 1986 at Cardiff Seaside Market by brothers Pete and John Najjar, owners of the store. It began as an experiment with different spices and marinades to create a unique, affordable item for grilling by locals at home and for the campers that swarmed to San Elijo State Campground every year. Working with a local spice company, Pete took the lead and through many trials, settled on a recipe that, when combined with the secret vacuum tumbling process, resulted in the current offering. Only USDA Choice, U.S. raised beef is used. The Burgundy Pepper Tri Tip sold steadily through the early 1990s and sales began to rapidly increase beginning in 2003.


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