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Distributor(s)  Electronic Zoo
Genre(s)  Scrolling shooter
Developer  Eclipse Design
Publishers  Team17, Electronic Zoo
Release date(s)  1993
Initial release date  1991
Platforms  Amiga, AmigaOS
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Cardiaxx amiga full game

Cardiaxx is a science-fiction scrolling shooter video game for the Commodore Amiga. It was developed by Eclipse Design and published by Team17 in 1993, although it was originally published by Electronic Zoo. The game features a spaceship as it flies through various levels of varying graphic styles. Each level has a boss at the end, and each level is separated by a sub-level of avoiding asteroids while the next level loads from the floppy disk.

Cardiaxx was developed by David Mariner and Jon Mitchell of Eclipse Design, with Joe Karthouser later joining them. The game's original publisher, Electronic Zoo, failed to release funds owed to Eclipse Design for its development shortly after its public release in 1991. As a result, the Atari ST version was never released, and legal action followed. However, Electronic Zoo closed down during the legal proceedings. The game was later released by Team17, but again no funds beyond the initial signing fee were ever released. Therefore, Mariner and Mitchell still retain all rights to Cardiaxx to this day.


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