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Captain Kottas Museum

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Captain Kottas Museum

The Captain Kottas Museum is located in the village of Kottas, the birthplace of the Slav-speaking Captain Kottas, one of the earliest protagonists of the Greek Struggle for Macedonia.

The Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace made provision for the Kottas family home to be converted into a museum, and it was opened by the then President of Greece late in 1995. It operates with the help of the ‘Friends of the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle society’ and co-operating women'’s societies.

On the ground floor there is a display of three complete outfits belonging to the Kottas family, as well as a few domestic utensils and tools. Two firearms dating from the time of the Macedonian Struggle are exhibited on the first floor, and photographs of Macedonian fighters from the Florina area.


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