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Obm dinosaur capitalsaurus

"Capitalsaurus" is the informal genus name given to the species formerly known as Creosaurus potens and Dryptosaurus potens, a dinosaur from the Arundel Formation of North America. The only known specimen was discovered in Washington, DC. It was a theropod, and it lived during the Cretaceous. It is a nomen nudum, the name having never been formally published.

"Capitalsaurus" was discovered in January 1898 at the intersection of First and F Streets S.E., in the District of Columbia - an intersection now designated as Capitalsaurus Court. It was not uncovered by any paleontological activity, but as a by-product of sewer work.

The "Capitalsaurus" is the official dinosaur of the District of Columbia.

The only known specimen of "Capitalsaurus" consists of part of a single vertebra. Some paleontologists feel that this is insufficient justification for a name that suggests an entire genus, and that "Capitalsaurus" is merely an undetermined theropod. Others note that this is hardly the only dinosaur with a common name that does not helpfully reflect its taxonomy.


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