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Canterbury (ship)

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Canterbury (ship)

The Canterbury, or Canterbury Merchant, is the ship that transported William Penn and James Logan from England to Philadelphia in 1699. The Canterbury set sail from the Isle of Wight on September 3, 1699, reaching Philadelphia on December 3, 1699. The captain of the Canterbury is recorded as either "Henry Tregeny" or "Hen. Weagene". During the voyage the Canterbury reportedly survived an attack by pirates.


The passenger list, even if one was recorded, is not extant. Therefore, alternative sources have been used to reconstruct the list of passengers and crew.

  • Confirmed:
  • William Penn, Hannah Penn (second wife of William Penn) and Letitia Penn (daughter of William Penn by his first wife)
  • James Logan, secretary to William Penn
  • Henry Tregeny or Henry Weagene
  • Probable:
  • John Warder
  • Solomon Warder and Mary Howel
  • Thomas Parson
  • Randolph Janney
  • James Streater and family
  • Timothy Hudson
  • Joseph Austill
  • William Smith, wife and family
  • Samuel Sidon
  • Abraham Scott
  • Thomas Storey
  • James Barton
  • John and Rebecca Linton
  • Mary Doe
  • Thomas Story
  • John and Jacob Holcombe
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