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Canat, Marinduque

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Country  Philippines
Time zone  PST (UTC+8)
Province  Marinduque
Region  Mimaropa (Region IV-B)
Area code(s)  (+63)
Area  6.63 km²
Municipality  Boac, Marinduque
Canat, Marinduque

Canat ([kanˈnat]) is one of the 61 barangays of the municipality of Boac, Marinduque in the Philippines, it is situated in the southern portion of the province. Canat is surrounded by mountains and the Boac River. It has 5.3 kilometers away from the town proper. it has a land total of 6.63 km2 , it will take you from the town proper with the long distance of 5.3 km within 2 to 3 hours depending on the type of vehicles you are riding off. Canat has a rugged, mountainous landscape and it is frequently used for agricultural purposes.


Map of Canat, Boac, Marinduque, Philippines

Its name came from the historical story of American armies which attempted to enslave the country.

Barangay Canat dominants are engaged into farming, handicrafts, copra and charcoal.


Canat came from the words I cannot which refers to the exhaustion of climbing the mountainous area. The story was started by American soldiers pertaining to the isolated areas of Boac.

But in other old stories in the ancientors, the place was surrounded by carnivorous animals, or in other words, a monster. But that is story is hearsay or just created by some people to create a legend in bad faith.


Canat is a developing barangay of Boac, Marinduque. It has more than 640 residents in various living status.


Tagalog is the main languages of the barangay residents but English are uses at the social gatherings and other major activities and some words are accentuated by Marinduqueños accent.


The barangay is divided into 7 sitios.

  1. Bananay I
  2. Bananay II
  3. Pagsangahan
  4. Goygoy
  5. Can-Araw
  6. Canat Proper
  7. Mangkalog

Climate and Tourism

The climate is tropical, with a lowland temperature of 27’C (80’F). Temperature may vary between day and night while, the high and low altitudes than between seasons. It receives rain, like other areas in the Philippines that receives more than 1,780mm (70 in) of rain a year. Among the tourist attractions in the barangay are the Bakas ng Higante, Can-Araw Falls, and Can-Araw Cave.


The barangay hosts the Canat Elementary School which was established in 1939.


Barangay Canat is governed by barangay officials. They are:

  1. Barangay Captain
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasurer
  4. SB Members
  5. SK Chairman
  6. Lupon


  • Rene Justiniane
  • Treasurer

  • Reynante Mayorga
  • Secretary

  • Angeline Labog
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