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Canarian parliamentary election, 1995

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28 May 1995  1999 →
Turnout  801,607 (64.2%) 2.6 pp
1991  11 February 1995
Registered  1,248,575 9.8%
1991  1991
23 seats, 36.8%  6 seats, 12.8%
Canarian parliamentary election, 1995

The 1995 Canarian parliamentary election was held on Sunday, 28 May 1995, to elect the 4th Canarian Parliament, the unicameral regional legislature of the Spanish autonomous community of the Canary Islands. At stake were all 60 seats in the Parliament, determining the President of the Canary Islands.

Electoral system

The 60 members of the Canarian Parliament were elected in 7 multi-member districts using the D'Hondt method and a closed-list proportional representation system. Unlike other regions, districts did not coincide with provincial limits, being determined by law for each of the main islands to become a district of its own. The electoral system came regulated under the Autonomous Statute of Autonomy. Each district was assigned a fixed set of seats, distributed as follows: El Hierro (3), Fuerteventura (7), Gran Canaria (15), La Gomera (4), La Palma (8), Lanzarote (8) and Tenerife (15).

Voting was on the basis of universal suffrage in a secret ballot. Only lists polling above 20% of the total vote in each district or above 3% in all of the community (which include blank ballots—for none of the above) were entitled to enter the seat distribution.


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