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Cameleon (programming language)

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Paradigm  Functional
Stable release  2.0.13 / 2014
Implementation language  C++, Qt (software)
First appeared  2009
Typing discipline  Static, Dynamic
Cameleon (programming language)
Designed by  Olivier Cugnon de Sévricourt, Vincent Tariel

Cameleon is a free and open source graphical language for functional programming, released under an MIT License.

Cameleon language is a graphical data flow language following a two-scale paradigm. It allows an easy up-scale, that is, the integration of any library writing in C++ into the data flow language. Cameleon language aims to democratize macro-programming by an intuitive interaction between the human and the computer where building an application based on a data-process and a GUI is a simple task to learn and to do. Cameleon language allows conditional execution and repetition to solve complex macro-problems.

Cameleon is built on an extension of the petri net model for the description of how the Cameleon language executes a composition.


  • Graphical Algorithm Editor,
  • Real time calibration,
  • Dynamic building,
  • Multi-Scale approach,
  • XML-based model for data definition and manipulation based on XML Schema, XPath and XQuery,
  • Easy integaration of new algorithm with the dev kit.
  • References

    Cameleon (programming language) Wikipedia

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