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Calle Walton (American Actress)

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Calle Walton

Calle Walton smiling while sitting on the couch and wearing a black headband and a white and gray striped knitted blouse

5.3 ft, 1.61 m


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In the Dark (2019-2020)

Iain Walton, Tracey Bean

Kathleen York, Casey Deidrick, Rich Sommer

Peterborough, New Hampshire, United States

March 7, 2000 (age 22), New Hampshire, United States

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Calle Walton is a Canadian TV actress. She hails from Peterborough in Ontario, Canada. Calle is visually impaired. She is known for playing the role of Chloe, a blind teenager in the CW Network's comedy and drama series "In The Dark".



  • Calle Walton was the only visually challenged person in the entire cast of the TV series "In The Dark".
  • Due to cancer, Calle had to drop out of high school in her senior year. She made it to her 2017 commencement ceremony but could not graduate due to cancer treatment.

Early and Personal Life

Calle Walton smiling while looking afar and holding a stick and wearing a peach coat, blue dress, necklace, and green earrings

Calle was born and brought up in Peterborough. As of 2021, she is 21 years old. She completed her schooling at South Meadow School in the city. Calle dreamed of becoming an actress from a young age. She was, however, not blind by birth. When Calle was in grade three she started having trouble with her eyesight. After initial tests, doctors found out that Calle had a mass on her optic nerve. Following this, she was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, a disease that causes inflammation. Calle went on to take several different medications and drugs to keep her tumor in check. With time and treatment, her vision sometimes improved while the other times worsened. Throughout her childhood, Calle fought for her vision. Later, the tumor grew towards her optic nerve, diminishing her vision further.

Calle Walton holding the arms of Rich Sommer while Rich is wearing a blue jacket and Calle is wearing a white and blue blouse under a pink puffer jacket

When Calle was in her senior year, her vision worsened, doctors realized that she was wrongly diagnosed all these years. After correct tests and diagnosis, doctors found out that the tumor in Calle's eye was cancerous that was apparently caused by a birth defect. Calle received chemotherapy for a year and survived cancer but lost her eyesight completely. She couldn't graduate that year and enrolled herself in the W. Ross Macdonald School for the Blind in Brantford, Ontario in Canada.

Early Career Dreams

Walton was interested in architecture and had dreams of being an architect or interior designer. However, she sadly gave up those dreams after discovering she was going blind. Before landing the acting role in the Netflix series In The Dark, Walton had decided to pursue a teaching career as either a Braille or kindergarten teacher.

Past Acting Experience

Calle Walton has had a passion for acting from a very young age. Her first acting experience was in kindergarten when she participated in her school’s production of Goldilocks. Later, she acted in other school productions, including Peter Pan and Wendy, The Jungle Book, and Charlotte’s Web.


Rich Sommer and Calle Walton talking to each other in the office with computers, files, and an American flag on the desk, and another person in the other room behind Calle Walton and Rich is wearing light blue long sleeves while Calle is wearing a black blouse and a necklace

Calle had given up on her dream to become an actress the day she lost her eyesight but just ten days into the new school, her principal announced that a casting agency was looking for a blind girl for a TV show. She auditioned for the same and bagged the role of a teenager bind girl, Chloe in the series "In The Dark". As of 2021, Calle hopes to recur her role of Chloe in the second season of the hit TV series.

Recent Acting Career

Walton continued acting in the show In The Dark, participating in both Season 2 (2020) and Season 4 (2022) of the show. Season 4 is In The Dark’s final season, and, as of writing, Walton has not confirmed any future projects.


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