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Bus Driver (video game)

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Initial release date
22 March 2007


Single-player video game

Bus Driver (video game) Bus Driver 2007 PC Game Free Download Full Version For PC

Release date(s)
Microsoft WindowsWW: 22 March 2007OS XWW: 9 June 2011iOSWW: 27 February 2014

SCS Software, Excalibur Publishing, n3vrf41l Publishing

Microsoft Windows, iOS, Macintosh operating systems

SCS Software games, Racing video games

Bus Driver is a game developed by SCS Software. The game was released digitally, for Microsoft Windows on 22 March 2007, and for OS X on 8 June 2011. A port to iOS, entitled Bus Driver - Pocket Edition, was released to the App Store by Meridian4 on 27 February 2014.


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Bus Driver (video game) Bus Driver PC Game Review by GameDemocom YouTube

The player selects a route from tiers (described below), and then after a short loading time, the player sees the selected bus either at a bus depot or terminal. After halting at the first stop, the bus must be driven along the correct route (indicated at intersections by orange arrows) whilst obeying all traffic rules and stopping at all bus stops. If the player fails to do so, points will be taken from their score. When the game begins, one tier of routes, which includes six buses, is available. In total, there are six tiers, thirty-six routes and thirteen buses (seventeen in Temsa Edition). In order to unlock the next tier, the player must drive at least four of the routes successfully. As the game progresses, routes become more tedious. The player will lose points if they disobey traffic laws, upset passengers (by braking too hard or causing accidents) or they depart from the bus stop too early, or even if they leave passengers waiting at a bus stop. Conversely, the player will gain points for obeying traffic laws and being punctual.

Bus Driver (video game) Bus Driver Download Free Full Game

Despite being a game set in the United States, many of the bus stop names are named after areas of London, including Debden, Collier Row, Feltham, Potters Bar and the terminus Westminster.


Bus Driver (video game) City Bus Driver Android Apps on Google Play

The game contains a variety of buses which are based on real life buses. As a game set in the United States, most of the buses are based on American designs, however, there are some which are based on European designs since the game was made in the Czech republic. The buses included are 3 MCI 102D3 (known as GNR-13 LE, including a jail variant which is known as GNR-13 Eco), a Ford B-Series school bus (known as Toucan), a MCI D4500 coach (known as Gryphon Birdie), 2 NovaBus RTS-06 (known as Niva WS-27 Cityroamer), 2 Setra S415HDH (known as Sista XT), 2 Renault Agora S (known as Remark EU) and a Volvo B7TL Wright Eclipse Gemini double decker (known as Velven 18). The Temsa Edition included the Temsa Avenue, Temsa Tourmalin IC, Temsa Opalin, Temsa Safari HD and the Temsa Diamond.


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The initial game contains five tiers. An additional tier was added in Bus Driver Temsa Edition and in Bus Driver Gold Edition. Each tier contains six different routes. In order to unlock the next tier, the player must drive at least four of the routes successfully. As the game progresses, routes become longer and more monotonous.


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Bus Driver was not designed as a bus simulator, however it is considered one. Reviewers have suggested that an inside view would improve the gameplay, however, the developers have stated that this is because the game was not designed to be an exact simulator.


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