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Burmese general election, 1951–52

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June 1951 – April 1952  1956 →
147  19
Turnout  18.75%
26  New
Burmese general election, 1951–52

General elections were held in Burma over several months between June 1951 and April 1952 due to internal conflict within the country.

The first elections since independence, they saw the Anti-Fascist People's Freedom League (AFPFL) win 60% of the vote and 199 out of 250 seats. Voter turnout was low at 20%, as only 1.5 million voters out of an eligible 8 million participated. It was the lowest turnout for a Burmese election since the 1920s boycotts in colonial Burma.


a AFPFL allies included the Burma Socialist Party, the All-Burma Peasants Organisation, the Burma Muslim Congress, the Kachin National Congress (7 seats), the Union Karen League (13), the Chin Hills Congress, the United Hill People's Congress, the All-Burma Women's Freedom League and the All-Burma Federation of Trade Organisations, the Arakanese Muslim Association (3).

b The People's Democratic Front was an alliance of the Burma Workers and Peasants Party (12 seats), the Patriotic Alliance and the Burma Democratic Party.


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