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Buried Alive (2007 film)

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Director  Robert Kurtzman
Music by  Terence Jay
Country  United States
4/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Producer  Deborah Del Prete
Writer  Art Monterastelli
Language  English
Buried Alive (2007 film) movie poster
Release date  October 23, 2007 (2007-10-23)
Cast  Leah Rachel (Rene), Erin Reese (Laura), Germaine De Leon (Phil), Tobin Bell (Lester), Terence Jay (Zane), Lindsey Scott (Julie)
Similar movies  Deborah Del Prete produced Buried Alive and Living Hell

Buried alive 2007 trailer

Buried Alive is a 2007 horror film starring Terence Jay, Leah Rachel, and Tobin Bell, about a group of college students stalked by a vengeful spirit during a New Mexico road trip. It was a straight-to-DVD release distributed by Dimension Extreme. This film was a Blockbuster Exclusive.


Buried Alive (2007 film) movie scenes

Buried alive


Buried Alive (2007 film) movie scenes

Rene is in the bath having a conversation with her cousin Zane, who is in the bathroom with her. He pushes her underwater, and she begins to drown. While looking up at his face from under the water, she sees the visage of an old woman above her. She awakes with a start, having fallen asleep and begun to drown. Her boyfriend Danny wakes her up, and the two make out.

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Zane, who has enlisted the help of a Phil to research his family history. Zane visits his family home with Phil, Rene, Danny, and her two sorority pledges, Julie "Cow" and Laura "Dog. The two pledges have been forced to dress up as animals as an initiation. Zane constantly sees an old woman on the side of the road, culminating in her appearance in the middle of the road, which causes him to almost crash.

Lester, the caretaker, is living in a trailer on the land, and searching for gold. He has found some, but does not tell anyone. The college students marvel at his stuffed oddities, since he is an amateur taxidermist. He warns the group not to go into the subcellar, or to go outside after dark.

Settling in, Rene enslaves Julie and Laura and forces Phil to explain how he knows so much about Rene and Zane's family history. Phil goes outside to get a signal on his mobile phone, but is cut in half by a ghost armed with an axe.

The five remaining teens decide to learn more about the family history. Rene has fun with Julie and Laura by making them run to Lester's caravan and bring back one of his stuffed animals. They must wear one item of clothing and it can't be an overcoat. Julie chooses to wear her pants and Laura chooses to wear her boots. Laura accomplishes the task, but Julie doesn't because she sprains her ankle.

Rene gives Julie one more task to take off her clothes, except for underwear, and be blindfolded. Rene takes Zane's belt and uses it on Julie as a test of trust. Soon, Rene and Laura depart, leaving Julie standing there. Danny decides to go to get Phil but finds out that he's dead just before his face is cut off. When the lights go out, Zane goes out to check the machine to find it's still functioning normally, but the cable was cut. Zane finds Danny's faceless body, as do Rene and Laura. Zane, Rene and Laura dash back inside the house, thinking Lester is behind Danny's murder, but they find Lester dead as well.

They try to escape with their car, but find it has been sabotaged. They grab Lester's keys and Laura dashes to Lester's caravan to get his truck. While Zane and Rene are still in the house, Zane gets locked in another room and Rene is knocked unconscious with the spirit scratching the words "Sins Of The Father" on her back. Zane finally breaks through and kills the woman, but whilst barricading them in a room, the woman appears and knocks Zane unconscious.

Laura returns with Lester's truck and the woman is about to slaughter Laura, but disappears after seeing a tattoo that's similar to the necklace Rene had throughout the movie. Laura escapes and Rene and Zane wake to find themselves in some kind of box. The old woman quickly grabs the necklace and drops the gold ring taken by the caretaker in the beginning of the movie. Rene and Zane scream in fear as the old woman buries them alive.


  • Tobin Bell as Lester
  • Leah Rachel as Rene
  • Terence Jay as Zane
  • Erin Michelle Lokitz as Laura
  • Lindsey Scott as Julie
  • Steve Sandvoss as Danny
  • Germaine De Leon as Phil
  • Reception

    Buried Alive was met with negative reviews, earning Rotten Tomatoes an approval rating of 13%.


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