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Director  Michael Winner
Music director  John Du Prez
Language  English
4.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Crime
Country  United Kingdom
Bullseye! movie poster
Writer  Leslie Bricusse, Laurence Marks, Maurice Gran, Michael Winner
Release date  United Kingdom: 2 Nov 1990
Producers  Michael Winner, Menahem Golan
Cast  Michael Caine (Sidney Lipton / Doctor Hicklar), Roger Moore (Garald Bradley-Smith / Sir John Bevistock), Sally Kirkland (Willie), Deborah Moore (Flo Fleming), Lee Patterson (Darrell Hyde), Mark Burns (Nigel Holden)
Similar movies  Interstellar, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Independence Day, Battleship, Mimic, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
Tagline  On target... and totally off the wall!

Bullseye may refer to:


Bullseye! movie scenes

Bullseye christmas special 23rd december 1990

Astral bodies, shapes, and symbols

Bullseye wwwcinemaretrocomuploadsbullseyejpg
  • ◉, the geometric shape
  • ʘ, the phonetic symbol for bilabial click
  • α Tauri, the star Aldebaran, which marks the eye of the Bull
  • Fictional entities

    Bullseye Bullseye 1990 film Wikipedia
  • Bullseye (comics), an enemy of Daredevil in the Marvel Comics universe
  • Bullseye (Gobots), a fictional alien cyborg in the Gobots fiction
  • Bullseye (mascot), dog mascot of Target Corporation, which uses a bullseye symbol as its logo
  • Bullseye (Toy Story), fictional character from the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 2
  • Bullseye, Bill Sikes' dog in Oliver Twist
  • Film

    Bullseye Bullseye 1990 Posters The Movie Database TMDb
  • Bull's Eye (serial), a 1917 film serial
  • Bullseye (1987 film), Australian movie
  • Bullseye! (1990 film), a British comedy movie
  • Music

  • Bull's Eye! (album), a 1968 album by Barry Harris
  • "Bullseye" (song), from the Aly & AJ album Insomniatic
  • Bull's Eye, a Japanese pop song sung by Nano (singer)
  • Radio

  • Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, formerly The Sound of Young America, a public radio program and podcast based in Los Angeles, California
  • Television

    Bullseye Bullseye 1990
  • Bullseye (UK game show), hosted by Jim Bowen (1981–1995) and Dave Spikey (2006)
  • Bullseye (1980 U.S. game show), hosted by Jim Lange (1980–1982)
  • Bullseye (2015 U.S. game show), hosted by Kellan Lutz and Godfrey
  • Bullseye (U.S. TV program), American news program that aired on CNBC (2003–2005)
  • "Bullseye" (American Horror Story), an episode of American Horror Story
  • "Bullseye" (The Avengers), an episode of The Avengers
  • "Bullseye", an active pricing game or the earlier inactive pricing game on The Price Is Right
  • Architecture

    Bullseye Harper Valley PTA 1978 Comedy Barbara Eden Ronny Cox
  • Bullseye, alternative name for crown glass (window)
  • An oculus
  • Sports

  • Bullseye (shooting competition), a shooting sport, in which participants shoot handguns at paper targets at fixed distances and time limits
  • Bullseye (target), the centre of a target
  • Other uses

  • Bull's Eye (postage stamp), an 1843 Brazilian stamp
  • Bullseye cancel, alternative name for socked on the nose, a postage stamp cancellation mark
  • Bull's eye (rigging), an item used to guide and control a line
  • Bull's eye egg, a fried egg dish in Southeast Asia
  • Bullseye, a type of lantern with a bullseye-shaped lens to focus the light (see Flashlight lenses)
  • A common name for the plant Euryops chrysanthemoides
  • Moontail bullseye, a common name for the marine fish Priacanthus hamrur
  • Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce
  • A porthole
  • References

    Bullseye Wikipedia
    Bullseye! IMDb Bullseye!

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