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Bulbophyllum falcatum

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Orchidaceae
Genus  Bulbophyllum
Higher classification  Bulbophyllum
Order  Asparagales
Subfamily  Epidendroideae
Scientific name  Bulbophyllum falcatum
Rank  Species
Bulbophyllum falcatum fullbulbbulbophyllumfalcatum00jpg
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Bulbophyllum falcatum is a species of plant in the Orchidaceae family endemic to tropical Africa from Sierra Leone up to the Congo and western Uganda. It is a member of the section Megaclinium. It has rachis shaped like a wing that are about 10 cm long and 8-10 mm thick. On each side of the rachis are a row of flowers with 10-15 flowers per row. The sepals of the flowers are a dark red and the petals are extremely small and resemble a thread. Of the floral parts the dorsal sepal is the biggest being 8-9 mm long and visually the most prominent part of the flower. Towards the end of the dorsal sepal there is a yellow thicker area.

Bulbophyllum falcatum IOSPE PHOTOS
Bulbophyllum falcatum Bulbophyllum falcatum

Bulbophyllum falcatum IOSPE PHOTOS
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Bulbophyllum falcatum Bulbophyllum falcatum orchid growing Bulbophyllums Bulbos
Bulbophyllum falcatum Bulbophyllum falcatum Orchids Forum


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