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Bueno River

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Main source  Ranco Lake
Source  Ranco Lake
Mouth elevation  0
Length  130 km
Country  Chile
Bueno River httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
River mouth  La Barra and Valdivian Coastal Reserve, Pacific Ocean 0 m (0 ft)
Basin size  15,367 km (5,933 sq mi)
Mouths  Valdivian Coastal Reserve, Barra del Río Bueno

Bueno River (Spanish: Río Bueno) is a river in southern Chile. It originates in Ranco Lake and like most of Chile rivers it drains into the Pacific Ocean at the southern boundary of the Valdivian Coastal Reserve. Its lower flow forms the border between Osorno Province and Ranco Province. The river passes through Río Bueno commune and city that takes name from the river.

Map of R%C3%ADo Bueno, Chile

The major tributaries of the Bueno River are the Pilmaiquén River and the Rahue River, joining the river from the south. The former is the outlet of Puyehue Lake and the latter is the outlet of Rupanco Lake.

The original Huilliche name for the river was Huenuleufu, a combination of huenu "upper" and leufü "river". Río Bueno is thus a hybrid word with huenu being replaced by phono-semantic matching with the Spanish word bueno "good".


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