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Buddhist Texts Library

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Traditional Chinese  蔵經閣
Hanyu Pinyin  Cángjīnggé
Simplified Chinese  藏经阁
Buddhist Texts Library
Literal meaning  Buddhist Texts Library Buddhist Sutras Library

Buddhist Texts Library (simplified Chinese: 藏经阁; traditional Chinese: 蔵經閣; pinyin: Cángjīnggé) is a large building in Chinese Buddhist temples which is built specially for storing The Chinese Buddhist Canon (大藏經). It is encountered throughout East Asia, including in some Japanese Buddhist Kyōzōs (経蔵). The Chinese Buddhist Canon is the total body of Buddhist literature deemed canonical and was called "all the sutras" (一切經) in the ancient time. With four thousand kinds, it includes Āgama (), Vinaya () and Abhidharma () texts. Āgama aretheories made by Buddha for disciples to practice, Vinaya are the rules formulated by Buddha for believers and Abhidharama are the collection of theories explanations by Buddha disciples.

Buddhist Texts Library are generally two-story buildings built at the highest point of the temple. Upper layers are for storing sutras and the lower layer are "Thousand Buddha Pavilion" (千佛閣).


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