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Bucher aircraft tractor

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Place of origin  Switzerland
Designer  Bucher-Guyer AG
Produced  1978 - 1983
In service  1978 - present
Manufacturer  Mowag
Bucher aircraft tractor
Used by  Swiss Air Force and JuAir

The Bucher aircraft tractor is an aircraft tow vehicle built for the Swiss Air Force by the military vehicle division of Bucher-Guyer AG. Following a restructuring of this division it was sold to Mowag which is now responsible for support.

The Bucher tug is very compact as it is designed to operate in the Swiss Air Force's aircraft caverns (or underground hangars). It runs on diesel fuel to lower the risk of fire. For precise maneuvering around the caverns, pilot tunnels and shelters it is equipped with special downward-shining floor lighting headlights to help the driver to follow floor markings.It is also used to provide a power supply to aircraft whitout an Auxiliary power unit. It is used as well as tractors for about 1-4 engine start units or for ad hoc transport of mechanics and tools (e.g. spare wheel and jack by a flat tire of a landed aircraft). JuAir at Dübendorf AFB is the only civil user of this aircraft tug type.


  • Drive axle rear differential lock
  • Drum brakes on all wheels
  • Tubeless tires 5 bars (73 psi)
  • Wheelbase 1.4 metres (4.6 ft)
  • Track 1.236 metres (4.06 ft)
  • Turning radius 6.55 metres (21.49 ft)
  • Ground clearance 14 centimetres (5.5 in)
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