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Brenner (TV series)

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4.2/10 TV

Created by  Herbert Brodkin
First episode date  6 June 1959
Network  CBS
Number of episodes  25
8/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime drama
Theme music composer  Frank Lewin
Final episode date  19 July 1964
Number of seasons  2
Brenner (TV series) httpsimagesnasslimagesamazoncomimagesMM
Written by  Alvin Boretz George Bellak
Directed by  Gerald Mayer Herman Hoffman
Starring  Edward Binns James Broderick Dick O'Neill Walter Greaza Sydney Pollack Crahan Denton Gene Hackman
Cast  Edward Binns, James Broderick
Similar  Naked City, Holocaust, The Missiles o

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Brenner was an American crime drama of the 1950s and 1960s. The series was filmed live from New York City and centers around Lieutenant Roy Brenner, a 20 year veteran of the Internal Affairs Department of the NYPD, and his son Ernie, a rookie detective, who travel around the city solving various crimes. The series starred Edward Binns and James Broderick as Lt. Roy Brenner and Det. Ernie Brenner, respectively. Brenner aired originally on CBS with new episodes airing from June 6, 1959–September 19, 1959 and again from May 17–July 19, 1964. Reruns would air during the summers of 1961, 1962 and finally from July 26–September 13, 1964.


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The show was centered around the careers of the Brenners, Roy and his son Ernie. Roy (Edward Binns) is a street hardened lieutenant of the Internal Affairs Department of the NYPD. Roy was a part of the NYPD for twenty years. Roy's son Ernie (James Broderick) is an idealistic rookie detective also working for the NYPD. Together, Roy and Ernie face, fight and solve crime as well as police corruption and all its ugliness and try to learn from their different views of life, death, and work. It was somewhat of a challenge for Binns and Broderick to make a convincing father-and-son duo because in real life, Binns was only 11 years older than Broderick.


The series was created by producer Herbert Brodkin. Brodkin was already well-known among the American people. Brolin had made himself a household name with having producing credits on The Philco Television Playhouse, Goodyear Television Playhouse and The Alcoa Hour for NBC and Studio One and Playhouse 90 for CBS. Brodkin later produced several other well-well-known television series including The Defenders and The Nurses.

Brenner was a transitional project for Brodkin. It was his first independent production, his first series to be shot on film, and (aside from his first producing assignment, CBS’s live Charlie Wild, Private Detective) his initial concession to the reality that programs with running characters were quickly supplanting the anthology drama. Like The Defenders and The Nurses, Brenner was based on a one-shot anthology show from Brodkin’s catalog, a January 15, 1959 telecast of Playhouse 90 entitled The Blue Men. Intriguingly, Alvin Boretz, who wrote The Blue Men, is not credited as the creator of Brenner, although he did contribute scripts to the series.

Season one (1959-1961)

Brenner premiered on Saturday June 6, 1959 on the CBS Television Network. Ratings were poor from the beginning and after thirteen episodes aired, on September 19, 1959, Brenner was cancelled. Two new episodes produced in 1960 aired in June and September 1961.

Season two (1964)

Fifteen episodes of Brenner had aired on CBS between June 6, 1959 and September 11, 1961. However, there were still ten episodes that were produced between 1959 and 1960 that had never aired on television. And with reruns airing during the summers of 1961 and 1962, CBS decided that during the summer of 1964, CBS aired the remaining ten episodes five years after the initial cancellation and four years after a new episode of the series aired, those 10 episodes would be aired. The last of those ten episodes aired on Sunday July 19, 1964 with reruns airing until September 13.

According to the Classic Television Archive (CTVA), a total of 25 episodes of Brenner aired on CBS between June 6, 1959 and July 19, 1964.


  • Lieutenant Roy Brenner - Portrayed by Edward Binns. Lt. Brenner, commonly referred to as just Brenner, is the police lieutenant of the Confidential Squad. Lt. Brenner is a street hardened veteran of the NYPD as he has been working for the NYPD for twenty years.
  • Patrolman Ernie Brenner - Portrayed by James Broderick. Ernie Brenner, commonly referred to as Officer Brenner, is an idealistic rookie plainclothesman for the NYPD. He, along with his father Roy, travel around New York City solving crimes.*
  • Detective Steve Mason - Portrayed by Dick O'Neill.
  • Inspector Spaud - Portrayed by Walter Greaza.
  • Detective Al Dunn - Portrayed by Sydney Pollack.
  • Detective Tom Cleary - Portrayed by Crahan Denton.
  • Officer Richard Clayburn - Portrayed by Gene Hackman.°
  • * In real life, Binns, who was born in 1916, was only 11 years older than his TV son portrayed by Broderick, who was born in 1927.
    ° Hackman was not credited for the three appearances as Officer Clayburn.

    Broadcast history

    NOTE: The most frequent time slot for the series in bold text.

  • Saturday at 9:00-9:30 pm on CBS: June 6, 1959–September 19, 1959
  • Monday at 9:00-9:30 pm on CBS: June 19 and September 11, 1961
  • Sunday at 9:00-9:30 pm on CBS: May 17, 1964–July 19, 1964
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