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Breakneck Ridge (Metro North station)

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Tracks  2
Fare zone  7
Breakneck Ridge (Metro-North station)
Location  1 Route 9D, one-half mile north of Breakneck Tunnel
Line(s)  Empire Corridor   Hudson Line
Platforms  2 gravel side platforms
Address  Fishkill, NY 12508, United States
Similar  Manitou, Morris Heights, University Heights, Philipse Manor, Appalachian Trail

The Breakneck Ridge Metro-North Railroad station serves hikers and campers traveling to and from Breakneck Ridge, north of Cold Spring, New York, via the Hudson Line. Trains stop there on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only. It is served by twelve trains daily on those days, six to Poughkeepsie in the morning and early afternoon, and six to Grand Central Terminal in the afternoon and early evening. It is 55 miles (89 km) from Grand Central Terminal and travel time to Grand Central is approximately one hour, 28 minutes.

It is located off an embankment from New York State Route 9D, with only one sign (on the east side of the track), merely a small path leading to the overpass and then down to the tracks about a half-mile (1 km) north of the main parking area for the Breakneck Ridge hiking trail. A small, wooden low-level platform permits disembarkation from the front of the last car on the train (i.e. the door one car length from Grand Central Terminal when boarding).

Note, due to limited availability, the Cold Spring Station can be used as an alternative to reach this location. It is approximately 2.7 miles away but trains run almost hourly.

Station layout

This station has two low-level side platforms each long enough for one door of one car to receive or discharge passengers.


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