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Brazil's Next Top Model (cycle 1)

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Country of origin  Brazil
Brazil's Next Top Model (cycle 1)
Original network  Sony Entertainment Television
Original release  October 3 – December 19, 2007

Brazil's Next Top Model (retroactively Brazil's Next Top Model Cycle 1) is a reality show hosted by model Fernanda Motta, which aims to find the next top fashion model. Filming ran from August to September 2007 and the premiere aired October 3, 2007. The winner received a R$200,000 contract, management and representation by Ford Models and a photo shoot for the cover and a six-page spread within Elle magazine. The cycle features 13 contestants. The destination during this cycle was Bahia, Brazil. The winner was 20-year-old Mari Velho from Santos, São Paulo.



(ages stated are at start of contest)



Episode 1

First aired: October 3, 2007

Twenty semi-finalists arrive to casting at a luxury hotel in São Paulo, SP (WTC Hotel) and are told that only thirteen will move on to the finals. After the interviews, four girls are eliminated and the contestants are pared down to the final sixteen, where they participate in a photo shoot.

Fernanda Motta asks the girls why they should become Brazil's Next Top Model, before the final deliberations with Erika Palomino, Alexandre Herchcovitch and Paulo Borges are done and the top thirteen are chosen.

Episode 2

First aired: October 10, 2007

The "reward challenge" is a runway lesson with runway instructor Namie Whihby. After class, the girls are asked to walk on a runway using shoes by Brazilian designer Fernando Pires. Karin is the winner of the challenge.

In the photo shoot (which was a meeting of pictures of faces), the candidates are asked to wear lingerie, creams and make-up.

In the first judges' panel, all the girls are praised, but some girls have their weaknesses highlighted. Érycka and Dandara are in the bottom two and Dandara is sent home.

  • Bottom two: Dandara Oliveira & Érycka Martins
  • Eliminated: Dandara Oliveira
  • Special guests: Fernando Pires & Namie Whihby
  • Episode 3

    First aired: October 17, 2007

    In the "reward challenge", the theme is "personal style" and has the presence of judge Alexandre Herchcovitch. The candidates get 8 minutes into a crowded room of clothes to dress out with the best outfit to describe their own style. Érycka is the winner.

    The photo shoot has as theme "Signs of the Zodiac", in which each model personifies a sign. This was inspired by a photo shoot in the episode "The Girl With The Worst Photo In History" in America's Next Top Model, Cycle 4.

    At the panel, Érycka and Anne are considered to not have a good performance, while Lívia Maria, Isabella and Mari Richardt are praised. In the end, Érycka and Danielle are in the bottom two and Danielle is eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Danielle Damásio & Érycka Martins
  • Eliminated: Danielle Damásio
  • Special guest: Claudio Belizário
  • Episode 4

    First aired: October 24, 2007

    The girls are taken to beauty salon "W Studio" in São Paulo, where they go through their makeovers. In this episode there is the "challenge of the week", and all participants are rewarded by the "general trend" during the competition.

    The weekly photo shoot's theme is "The Seventies", in which the girls pose in the midst of old cars and then are photographed using only costumes for swimming.

    During the panel, Mari Velho, Lívia Maria, and Ana Paula Costa are praised, while Anne, Isabella, Ana Paula Bertola, and Karin are considered the worst of the week. In the end, Isabella is sent home.

  • Bottom two: Ana Paula Bertola & Isabella Chaves
  • Eliminated: Isabella Chaves
  • Episode 5

    First Aired: October 31, 2007

    In the "challenge of the week", the girls have a dance lesson from the womb to develop their body expression. After learning the basics and dancing a little, the teacher says that three girls stood out better than the other girls: Lívia Maria, Lana, and Karin. Among the three, she appoints Karin as the winner of the challenge. Her prize is a dinner at an Arabic restaurant with photo shoot director Pazetto. Karin has the right to choose two people to share the prize with her and she picks Anne and Andrea.

    In the photo shoot, the girls have to pose topless, with a snake.

    During the panel, the judges come to the conclusion that the best of the day are Mari Richardt, Lana, and Mari Velho. Ana Paula Costa didn't show the concern about the charges and her face is closed. Andrea and Anne were criticized for the little progress and repetitive pictures. Anne is eliminated, because she is not yielding to the expectations of the judges.

  • Bottom two: Andrea Medina & Anne Wrobel
  • Eliminated: Anne Wrobel
  • Special guests: Kenji Giselli & Pedro Molinos
  • Episode 6

    First Aired: November 7, 2007

    In the "challenge of the week", the candidates received tips from a makeup artist on how to seem natural with a little bit of makeup. Then they were challenged to go for a casting and had to do their own makeup for that.

    The reward was being cast on an editorial of the magazine Capricho and only two girls would be chosen. In the end, the winners were Mari Richardt and Mari Velho, who had the right to choose a girl get more involved in publishing with them. Lívia Maria was chosen.

    The photo was to test the theme "Fetish" and with the participation of male models interacting with the girls, among them the famous model Caco Ricci.

    During the deliberations, Érycka was praised by Alexandre Herchcovitch because she is showing more versatility. Lívia Maria was criticized for excessive complaints (she was uncomfortable having to interact with the male models and feared her boyfriend's reaction) and Andrea by the format of her face. In the end, Andrea was eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Andrea Medina & Lívia Maria Senador
  • Eliminated: Andrea Medina
  • Special guests: Caco Ricci, Andrew Schiliró & Dudu Bertholini
  • Episode 7

    First Aired: November 24, 2007

    The girls had a lesson with a teacher label. Then they having a luch at a restaurant with the teacher to test your learning.

    The "challenge of the week" was an "interview" promoted by the site staff of the oath Erika Palomino, whose prize was a scholarship Arezzo. Ana Paula Costa was the winner, but the team had chosen most other two candidates for present: Érycka and Lívia Maria. Ana Paula Costa could choose to stay with the other two scholarships are wanted, which was already the best in the interview. In the end, she opted to be only with the bag that had won.

    In the photographic test, the girls were photographed under water, with a photographer specializing in Nautical and magazines as National Geographic.

    In the resolution, Ana Paula Costa was praised by the jury, especially because of not knowing how to swim. Mari Richardt and Mari Velho were also very finest. Lana was criticised, while the jurors found the photo of Érycka a "photographic tragedy". Because of her bad performance at the photo shoot, Érycka was eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Érycka Martins & Lana Sartin
  • Eliminated: Érycka Martins
  • Special guests: Christine Yufon & Cristiano Burmester
  • Episode 8

    First Aired: November 21, 2007

    The final seven candidates had a classroom with a teacher of mime to learn how to use the expression body. They had, apparently, won this cell. But after this class, Pazetto said only the girl with had the best photographic receive the cell back.

    In the "challenge of the week", the girls would do photos with the phones, as if they were doing a commercial for the unit. Back at the house, Pazetto announced that the winners of the challenge are Lívia Maria and Ana Paula Bertola.

    The photo shoot was about the "Seven Deadly Sins", in which each model represented a sin. This was inspired by the shoot for "Seven Deadly Sins" on the episode for "The Girl Who Gets Bad News" from America's Next Top Model, Cycle 4.

    During the deliberations, Mari Velho and Lívia Maria were praised by the judges. Lana was criticised by judges for not having evolved, as well as having picked up an easy matter and had not been able to develop it. Karin was also criticised by having a one-look expression in her photos and lack of attitude as a model. In the end, Karin was eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Karin Cavalli & Lana Sartin
  • Eliminated: Karin Cavalli
  • Special guests: Max Weber & Andrew Guerreiro Lopes
  • Episode 9

    First Aired: November 28, 2007

    The girls were taken to watch a play. Back to the house, Lívia Maria throws a fit over failing to speak with her boyfriend and some girls were mocking her about it.

    The next day, they returned to the theater. There was the "challenge of the week", which consisted of an interpretation class. The winner was Ana Paula Bertola, who won R$1.500,00 in clothes and the right to choose another girl who would also gain clothes. She chose Mari Richardt.

    The girls had to write a commercial for the Always brand of tampons, in which they would have to use lingerie for the shoot and decorate a text. Lana was criticised by the director, which called her ad extremely forced.

    On the judges' panel, Mari Richardt and Lívia Maria were praised by their spontaneity and security, and Ana Paula Bertola that finally, was "freed" from the nozzle. Ana Paula Costa left across the nervousness and smiled as well to disguise the errors and Lana was criticised, as if she overthought about everything. She has an image "archaic" in the opinion of the jury, Lana was eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Ana Paula Costa & Lana Sartin
  • Eliminated: Lana Sartin
  • Episode 10

    First Aired: December 5, 2007

    The girls return to take runway classes with the instructor Naime Wihby. First, they have to go to jump on a street of parallelepipeds and then to parade in a smooth floor full of soap.

    The "challenge of the week" is that part of the runway class would be attended by 1200 guests with the guest presence of Brazilian model Paulo Zulu. The candidate who walked the best would be the winner and would gain a full day at a spa. Mari Velho won the challenge and could choose two more girls to take with you. The chosen girls were Mari Richardt and Lívia Maria.

    In the photographic test, the theme was "Futurism." Lívia Maria does well in poses while Ana Paula Costa has problems on her session.

    During the deliberation, Ana Paula Bertola and Lívia Maria were considered to look quite old in their frames and Mari Velho was praised by the jury. Mari Richardt, and Ana Paula Costa were criticised by the jury. The first was considered "repetitive" and "not very bold" and the second always has the same expression, "without soul". In the end, Ana Paula Costa was eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Ana Paula Costa & Mari Richardt
  • Eliminated: Ana Paula Costa
  • Special guests: Paulo Zulu, Rodrigo Marques & Namie Wihby
  • Episode 11

    First Aired: December 12, 2007

    The final four candidates traveled to Costa do Sauipe, Bahia. The next morning, they met with the Pazetto, expected to announce the tasks.

    In the "challenge of the week", the girls should be dressed and with makeup by themselves, as if to an interview. The winner was Mari Richardt. In the photo shoot, the candidates have photos relaxed in a deserted beach. The most heralded by Pazetto were Mari Richardt and Lívia Maria.

    During the deliberations, Mari Velho and Lívia Maria were praised by the jury, which also found that Mari Richardt was a "regression" during the process. Those jurors see a greater development of Ana Paula Bertola, Mari Richardt was eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Ana Paula Bertola & Mari Richardt
  • Eliminated: Mari Richardt
  • Special guests: Rogério Sampaio
  • Episode 12

    First aired: December 19, 2007

    The three remaining candidates are taken to Ford Models. It was the beginning of a series of challenges, where they would be evaluated until the time of disposal. At agency, the finalists were interviewed and examined by Clóvis Pessoa. Ana Paula Bertola was considered the most pretty girl but with the most weight, Mari Velho was considered by her good walk and body but not for her photos, and Lívia Maria was considered the girl with the best portfolio, but with the worst modelling appearance. The next morning, the last test was a photo section shot by photographer André Passos. Lívia Maria was criticised by him for wanting to take the direction of the test.

    The bahian singer Daniela Mercury visit the house, being part of another stage of the challenge, where the girls would have to interview them. Lívia Maria was blocked and did not make the questions. At Elle, the books of the girls were evaluated by director of art Lenita Assef. Mari Velho was the favorite, while Ana Paula Bertola, was criticised for her weight and Lívia Maria for her tattoos.

    During the deliberations, Ana Paula Bertola impresses the jurors to get their best picture throughout the competition. Fernanda Motta criticizes the two remaining: Lívia Maria's complaints to the photographer and Mari Velho because of the arrogant behaviour with the production of the test. Being fairly limited, Lívia Maria is eliminated.

  • Bottom two: Lívia Maria Senador & Mari Velho
  • Eliminated: Lívia Maria Senador
  • The next day, all models get back home the programme. Mari Velho and Ana Paula Bertola compete in the final challenge: a fashion show by designer (and judge) Alexandre Herchcovitch. In the final decision, Ana Paula Bertola is commended by the determination and strength of will, as the evolution of Mari Velho is questioned.

  • Final two: Ana Paula Bertola & Mari Velho
  • Brazil's Next Top Model: Mari Velho
  • Special guests: Clóvis Pessoa, Daniela Mercury, André Passos & Lenita Assef
  • Call-out order

         The contestant was eliminated      The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, the group of 20 semi-finalists was reduced to 13 contestants.
  • Photo shoot guide

  • Episode 1 photo shoot: On top of the city
  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Bathroom beauty shoot
  • Episode 3 photo shoot: Zodiac signs
  • Episode 4 photo shoot: 70's styling with a car
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Nude with a snake
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Fetish with a male model
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: Posing underwater
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: 7 deadly sins
  • Episode 9 Commercial: Always
  • Episode 10 photo shoot: Futuristic fashion
  • Episode 11 photo shoot: On the beach
  • Episode 12 photo shoot: B&W editorial fashion
  • Judges

  • Fernanda Motta
  • Erika Palomino
  • Carlos Pazetto
  • Alexandre Herchcovitch
  • Paulo Borges
  • References

    Brazil's Next Top Model (cycle 1) Wikipedia

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