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Brazen class destroyer

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Operators  Royal Navy
Completed  4
Scrapped  3
Built  1896
Lost  1
Type  Destroyer
Brazen-class destroyer

The Brazen class formed part of a general class of forty turtleback destroyers capable of 30 knots built around the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century for the Royal Navy.

The Admiralty had specified the general design and specification of the destroyers but left it to the builders to handle the detail. As a result although the destroyers were all similarly capable there were differences between them in terms of exact dimensions, type of boiler and engines and the number of funnels. They were seaworthy and well built but suffered from being lively which meant they were uncomfortable in heavy seas. Although specified for 30 knots this was with a light load, and in service 27 knots was normal.

In 1913 all the three-funnelled destroyers were reclassified as C-class destroyers.


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