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Brave (Moriah Peters album)

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Recorded  2013–2014
Artist  Moriah Peters
Label  Reunion Records
Length  39:42
Release date  14 July 2014
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Released  July 14, 2014 (2014-07-14)
Producers  Seth Mosley, Joel Smallbone
Genres  Contemporary Christian music, Pop rock
Similar  I Choose Jesus, Be One, Let It Be Jesus, Born Again

Moriah peters brave official music video

Brave is the second studio album by contemporary Christian musician Moriah Peters, released on July 14, 2014 by Reunion Records.


Moriah peters brave ft andy mineo official audio


Brave marked the second studio album for the artist and it came out on July 14, 2014 through imprinted label Reunion Records, production from Seth Mosley and Joel Smallbone.

Critical reception

Brave was greeted by positive reviews by critics. In a three star review by CCM Magazine, Grace S. Aspinwall averring, "This is a delightful record brimming with surprising maturing", whilst "Each song ebbs and flows in all the right places, making it an ideal soundtrack for summer." In a four star review by Jesus Freak Hideout, Roger Gelwicks emphasizing, "Upon a casual listen, Brave might not stand out dramatically as a landmark album, but closer inspection reveals something deeper: it represents important growth for Moriah Peters' progression as an artist." In a four and a half star review from New Release Tuesday, Kevin Davis espousing, "She has delivered the ideal album to minister to anyone struggling with fear and self-doubt" and "Every song is a great showcase of Moriah's excellent singing voice, and you can practically hear her smile as she delivers one infectious song after another. The layered and well produced musical arrangements on this album perfectly accentuate Moriah's powerful and passionate songs." In a nine out of ten review from Cross Rhythms, Tim Holden describes, "There are really no bad tracks on this album, and while it might not immediately grab the attention it is a standout album worthy of many listens."

In three and a half star review by 365 Days of Inspiring Media, Emily Kjonaas underlining, "Along with pop beats and beautiful instrumentals, Moriah showcases her amazing voice in Brave." In a 4.3 rated review for Christian Music Review, Laura Chambers realizing, "Throughout Brave, we are called to take risks; the risk of loving, standing up for what we believe, trusting God, sacrificing our desires for His" and "Moriah Peters delivers a jolt of audacity and a cup of comfort at the same time, reminding us that nothing is too hard for a God who is always close at hand." In a five star review from Christian Review, Leah St. John calling professing, "It is essentially a pop album, with sound songwriting and God honouring lyrics throughout." In a three star review by The Sound Opinion, Lindsay Williams expressing, "The 21-year-old fearlessly trades in the soft, light acoustic musings of her debut for fierce guitars, abundant percussion and artful introspection." Michel K. Smith, reviewing the album at Charisma, writes, "the new collection of songs is sure to excite fans of her debut album, I Choose Jesus, while also engaging a whole new audience...With a stronger, bolder sound, Peters builds on her challenge to listeners to bravely follow Christ...with a fun and powerful new sound.


2Oh Fear (My God Is Near)3:19
3To Leave It All Behind4:38


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