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Bradshaw Sound

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Bradshaw Sound

Bradshaw Sound is one of the larger New Zealand fiords. It is one of the sub fiords/arms that make up the Doubtful Sound complex and forms the northernmost of the blind or dead end fiords in this system.

Map of Bradshaw Sound, 9679, New Zealand

It was named by the Captain of the Acheron ; a Captain Stokes who gifted the name to R Bradshaw his first mate. The Maori call the fiord Kai Kiekie which translates “to eat kiekie”, the kiekie being a native climbing plant.

At the upper reaches of the sound, it sub divides into 2 smaller arms. To the north is the short Precipice Cove, and to the south the longer Kutu Parera (Gaer arm).

The northern inlet Precipice Cove is guarded at its southern entrance by Macdonell Island. It offers sheltered archorage from the prevailing westerly and as such Several small tour companies ( such as Fiordland Expeditions and Real Journeys) use this as a good overnight location to moor. The Rea River flows into the cove.

The southern Kutu Parera (Gaer arm) is a marine reserve and the rules to protect the environment are tougher here than the rest of Bradshaw Sound. The Camelot River flows into this southern arm.

Like the rest of the fiord system these areas are a haven for wildlife such as bottlenose dolphins, penguins and the rare black coral and both of the arms at Bradshaw’s terminus offer great opportunities to explore the water by kayak or the chance to dive in locations such as the shallow dive site Garden Jules.

Access by land is limited and this area is best explored using boats out of Deep Cove.


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