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Bradbury Fill

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Bradbury Fill

Bradbury Fill is one of the embankments on the Lackawanna Cut-Off railroad line in northwest New Jersey. It was built in 1908-11 by Waltz & Reese Construction Company and sits between mileposts 49.1 and 49.8 in Byram Township, just west of Waltz & Reece Cut and east of Lubber Run Fill.

The 0.75-mile (1.1-km) fill averages 24 feet (11.4 m) high and is up to 78 feet (35.1 m) tall. It is made of 457,000 cubic yards of fill material obtained by dynamite blasting and other methods. It carries a 2° curve that permits 70 mph (113 km/hr).

The line was abandoned in 1983, but is slated to be reactivated as a single-track line by NJ Transit in 2018.

Bradbury Fill is named for Mrs. Delia R. Bradbury, who had owned most of the land used for the fill.


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