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Bowman Haley Dam

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Bowman-Haley Dam

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Bowman-Haley Dam is a dam in Bowman County, North Dakota, in the southwestern part of the state.

Map of Bowman-Haley Dam, Scranton, ND 58653, USA

The earthen dam was constructed in 1970 by the United States Army Corps of Engineers to impound the North Fork of the Grand River for flood control, fish and wildlife preservation, recreation, and municipal and industrial water supply. The dam is owned and operated by the Corps of Engineers, with a height of 79 feet and a length of 5730 at its crest.

The reservoir it creates, Bowman-Haley Reservoir, has a water surface of 2.7 square miles and a maximum capacity of 171,838 acre-feet, although its normal storage level of 19,780 acre-feet is much smaller.


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