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Boulet (comics)

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Name  Gilles Roussel
Nationality  French
Pseudonym(s)  Boulet

Notable works  Donjon Zenith
Role  Cartoonist
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Born  Gilles Roussel February 1, 1975 (age 40)Meaux, France (1975-02-01)
Area(s)  Cartoonist, Writer, Artist
Siblings  Pierre Roussel, Gregoire Roussel
Similar People  Penelope Bagieu, Melaka, Lewis Trondheim, monsieur le chien, Margaux Motin

Boulet, the pen name for Gilles Roussel ([bulɛ]), is a French comic book creator and cartoonist born 1 February 1975 in Meaux, France. He was among the first French cartoonists to become famous by publishing a blog BD, starting in July 2004.

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Roussel studied art at the Graduate School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. In 2001, he published his first comic strip, Raghnarok. He then started a cartoon blog on the internet in July 2004, which made him well known in France. Since then, he has worked for French comics strip magazine Tchô ! and Psikopat, and on many others as an author or cartoonist. He replaced Lewis Trondheim as cartoonist of the comic strip Donjon Zénith.

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The popularity of his blog allowed him to become the first "Godfather" of the newly created Paris Comic Strip Blog Festival (Festival des blogs BD), in 2005.

Boulet (comics) Enter the Imagination of French Cartoonist Boulet The Absolute

The drawings from his blog were first published in 2008, entitled "Notes". Seven volumes have been published as of December 2012.

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Roussel participated in the French-speaking 24-hour comics day in Montreal in 2008.

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He started an English version of his blog in November 2009, where he republished all of his posts from the French blog from its start in 2004 in chronological order, at the rate of three posts per week.

Boulet (comics) Enter the Imagination of French Cartoonist Boulet The Absolute


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