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Boruto: Naruto the Movie

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Country  Japan
Director  Hiroyuki Yamashita
Language  Japanese
Boruto: Naruto the Movie movie poster
Release date  August 7, 2015 (2015-08-07)
Based on  Naruto  by Masashi Kishimoto

Boruto naruto the movie official full trailer

Boruto: Naruto the Movie is a 2015 Japanese animated film and the directorial debut of Hiroyuki Yamashita. It is the based on Masashi Kishimoto's manga and anime franchise, and is part of the larger Start of a New Era Project (新時代開幕プロジェクト, Shinjidai Kaimaku Purojekuto) to commemorate the series' 15th anniversary.


Boruto: Naruto the Movie movie scenes Ahead of its release in Japanese cinemas this August a first trailer complete with English subtitles has arrived online for Boruto Naruto the Movie

The film, first teased in the post-credits scene of the previous film, The Last: Naruto the Movie, tells the story about the children of the original series' main characters. As with the previous film and Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie, Kishimoto worked as a script writer and character designer. The film is set after the events of the original series and is adapted as the first story arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.


The film opens with a battle between Sasuke Uchiha and an unknown adversary. Many years after the main series, Naruto Uzumaki is the Seventh Hokage and married to Hinata Hyuga with two children, Boruto and Himawari. Boruto, along with Sarada (Sasuke and Sakura Haruno's daughter) and a mysterious boy named Mitsuki, become an elite team under their teacher, Konohamaru Sarutobi.

Boruto is upset at Naruto for focusing more on being Hokage than their family, and thus dislikes the title. Sasuke returns to the village to warn Naruto about the powerful foe. After Naruto misses Himawari's birthday, Boruto learns about Sasuke from Sarada, and he requests Sasuke to train him to become strong enough to surpass Naruto. Sasuke agrees on the condition that Boruto performs the Rasengan which he then learns from Konohamaru. When Boruto presents his undersized Rasengan to Sasuke, he honors his promise despite feeling unconvinced and teaches Boruto to prepare for the upcoming Chunin Exam. Boruto, hoping to convince Naruto to spend more time with him, is tempted to cheat in the exam by using a prototype device, Kote, that stores each type of jutsu. It was given to him by the arrogant scientist Katasuke, who wanted the experiments to make for marketing purposes before Naruto shot down the proposal. In the exams, Naruto catches Boruto using a Kote against Shikadai Nara, Shikamaru and Temari's son. He immediately disqualifies his son and declares Shikadai the winner. Before Naruto leaves the arena, two figures appear and destroy it: Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki and Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki.

The duo are revealed to be after the Nine-Tails inside Naruto to create another chakra fruit like what Kaguya Ōtsutsuki acquired before to continue to be immortal and invincible. Naruto apparently sacrifices himself to protect everyone and entrusts Boruto's safety to Sasuke. The conflict persuades Boruto to see what the Ninja World really is. Sensing that Naruto is still alive in another dimension, Sasuke allies himself with the other Kages: Gaara, Darui, Chojūro and Kurotsuchi to rescue him. Boruto insists on joining them to make amends with his father. They arrive in the other dimension and find Naruto bound by the Ōtsutsuki duo, and the four Kage engage Kinshiki in a fight. When the Kage fail to subdue him, Momoshiki turns Kinshiki into a chakra pill and swallows him to increase his strength. Naruto and Sasuke fight as well. Momoshiki is overpowered, but a foolish Katasuke shoot Momoshiki with a Kote that only restores his own strength. He fires the Kote's jutsu back at the Five Kage, trapping them and impaling Naruto with multiple black receivers.

Weakened, Naruto lends his remaining chakra to Boruto while Sasuke distracts Momoshiki long enough for Boruto to create a giant Rasengan. Boruto blinds Momoshiki's Rinnegan with his own Vanishing Rasengan and attacks him with the giant Rasengan. Momoshiki ends up absorbing his own chakra along with the giant Rasengan and gets disintegrated into outer space.

In the days following the victory, Naruto's schedule has been severely lessened, allowing him to spend more time at home, much to the happiness of his family. After reconciling with Naruto, Boruto resolves to become a ninja who protects the village from the shadows; he supports Sarada's dream of being Hokage. It ends with Konohamaru chased by a wild bear; Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki jumping from the Hokage Monument into midair.

After the credits, Boruto and Sarada ask Mitsuki who his parents are. He reveals he is the son of Orochimaru, surprising both of them. Orochimaru himself is seen watching over them.


The film was released on August 7, 2015, to commercial success, and became the highest-grossing film in the series. Its DVD and Blu-ray versions were published on July 6, 2016 by Aniplex, along with an additional short film animation of the day when Naruto became a Hokage. Its English premiere occurred on February 19, 2017, while its English DVD release was on March 28, 2017.


It became the 11th highest-grossing Japanese film (and the 7th highest-grossing anime film) at the Japanese box office in 2015, with ¥2.62 billion. It earned ¥680.1 million yen (around US$5.46 million) during its debut giving the series its highest grossing opening. On August 25, the film became the highest grossing in the Naruto series making ¥2.02 billion in 19 days with 1.56 million admissions. The film grossed US$919,651 in the United States and Canada and CN¥103.2 million in China.

Amy McNulty of Anime News Network gave the film an overall grade of A-, calling it "a step in the right direction for Masashi Kishimoto's Start of a New Era Project".


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