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Born to the Breed: A Tribute to Judy Collins

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Released  October 14, 2008 (US)
Label  Wildflower Records
Release date  14 October 2008
Genre  Folk music
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Born to the Breed: A Tribute to Judy Collins is a tribute compilation album to American folk singer Judy Collins, released on October 14, 2008 in the United States by the record label, Wildflower. A portion of the proceeds earned from album sales went to the Jazz Foundation of America.


Track listing

  1. "Since You've Asked", performed by Joan Baez
  2. "Easy Times", performed by Jim Lauderdale (3:41)
  3. "Fisherman Song", performed by Dolly Parton (3:29)
  4. "My Father", performed by Chrissie Hynde (3:36)
  5. "Secret Gardens", performed by Shawn Colvin (4:33)
  6. "Song For Martin", performed by Kenny White (3:57)
  7. "Born to the Breed", performed by Amy Speace (4:34)
  8. "Albatross", performed by Rufus Wainwright (5:14)
  9. "Fortune of Soldiers", performed by The Webb Sisters (4:21)
  10. "Fallow Way", performed by Jimmy Webb (5:13)
  11. "Trust Your Heart", performed by Bernadette Peters (3:12)
  12. "Holly Ann (The Weaver Song)", performed by Dar Williams (3:47)
  13. "Song For Sarajevo", performed by Ali Eskandarian (5:00)
  14. "Che", performed by James Mudriczki (7:24)
  15. "Since You've Asked" (Dialogue), performed by Leonard Cohen (1:27)


1Since You've AskedJoan Baez4:36
2Easy TimesJim Lauderdale3:43
3Fisherman SongDolly Parton3:32


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