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Bookworm (video game)

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Designer(s)  Jason Kapalka
Engine  PopCap Games Framework
Genre  puzzle video game

Series  Bookworm
Initial release date  25 February 2003
Mode  Single-player video game

Release date(s)  February 25, 20032009 (Nintendo DS and DSiWare)
Platforms  Microsoft Windows, iOS, Smartphone
Publishers  PopCap Games, Majesco, GSN Games
Developers  PopCap Games, Black Lantern Studios
Similar  PopCap games, Puzzle video games

Let's Play - Bookworm Deluxe (Classic Game)

Bookworm is a word-forming computer puzzle game by PopCap Games. From a grid of available letters, players connect letters to form words. As words are formed, they are removed from the grid and the remaining letters collapse to fill the available space. As in Scrabble, players earn more points by creating longer words or words which use less common letters and earn less for smaller words. In November 2006, PopCap Games released a sequel, Bookworm Adventures. Bookworm was released for the Nintendo DS digital distribution service DSiWare on November 30, 2009. It has also been released on the regular Nintendo DS cartridge.


Bookworm (video game) BookWorm Free Online Word Puzzle Game


Bookworm (video game) Bookworm

The game requires players to match adjacent letters to form word in the English language. Longer words are worth more points and have a greater chance of producing bonuses.

In addition to standard letters, tiles of various colors can appear depending both on the current level within the game and on the length of words being formed. The tile colors are as follows:

Bookworm (video game) Bookworm video game Wikipedia

  • Red Burning Tiles – Throughout the game, burning red letters appear, increasing in frequency at higher difficulty levels. These letters automatically move downwards, burning through letters below them in the column, until they reach the bottom of the grid, ending the game.
  • Green Tiles, Gold Tiles, Sapphire Tiles, and Diamond Tiles- These tiles are awarded to indicate skill in forming longer words. Using these tiles in subsequent words increase the number of points earned by the word. It takes progressively longer for burning tiles to burn through the higher value tiles. Green tiles enter the board from the top, as new regular tiles do, while higher-value bonus titles replace random letters already on the board.

  • Bookworm (video game) Bookworm Video Game TV Tropes

    The game has two modes. "Classic" mode is untimed, while "Action" mode uses randomly appearing burning tiles to create a time-limited game.

    Bookworm (video game) Let39s Play PopCap Games Collection Series 10 Bookworm Adventures

    If the player clicks on game mascot Lex, found off to the side of the play area, all of the tiles will be scrambled; however, this will produce a rush of red tiles.

    Additional points are given for bonus words displayed in the game; additional bonus words formed during a single game produce increasing bonus values. In some versions one can also collect and complete "books" which are groups of words in a similar category. Once one completes the first of any of these words in a particular category it unlocks the book, and displays a complete list of the words needed to complete the book and get bonus points.


    Bookworm (video game) Wikipedia