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Boniface (name)

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Boniface is a given name and a surname. The best known of those who bear the name is Saint Boniface (c. 675?–754), an important leader in early Christianity and the "Apostle of the Germans". Others named Boniface include:


Religious figures

  • Boniface of Tarsus, saint who was martyred in 307, according to legend
  • Boniface, African martyr, 5th century
  • Pope Boniface I (died 422)
  • Pope Boniface II (died 532)
  • Pope Boniface III (died 607)
  • Pope Boniface IV (c. 550–615)
  • Pope Boniface V (died 625)
  • Saint Curetán (fl. 690-710), Bishop of Rosemarkie, also known as Boniface
  • Pope Boniface VI (died 896)
  • Antipope Boniface VII (died 985)
  • Bruno of Querfurt (c. 974-1009), also known as Boniface, sainted missionary bishop and martyr, the "Apostle to the Prussians"
  • Boniface of Valperga (died 1243), venerated Bishop of Aosta
  • Boniface of Brussels (1183–1260), Bishop of Lausanne
  • Boniface of Savoy (bishop) (c. 1217-1270)
  • Pope Boniface VIII (c. 1230–1303)
  • Pope Boniface IX (c. 1350–1404)
  • Boniface Adoyo, Kenyan bishop and opponent of the theory of evolution
  • Boniface Lele (1947-2014), Kenyan Roman Catholic bishop and archbishop
  • Boniface Wimmer (1809–1887), German monk who founded the first Benedictine monastery in the United States
  • Rulers and soldiers

  • Bonifacius, a 5th-century Roman general also known as Count Boniface
  • Boniface, Duke of Alsace (fl. mid 7th century)
  • Boniface, Count of Bologna and Margrave of Tuscany (died probably 1101)
  • Boniface de Castellane, Marquis de Castellane, (1788-1862), Marshal of France
  • Boniface I of Challant (died 1426)
  • Boniface I, Marquess of Montferrat (c. 1150-1207), Italian chosen as leader of the Fourth Crusade
  • Boniface II, Marquess of Montferrat (1202-1253)
  • Boniface III, Marquess of Montferrat (1426-1494)
  • Boniface IV, Marquess of Montferrat, (1512-1530)
  • Boniface del Vasto (c. 1060-c. 1130), Margrave of Savona and Western Liguria
  • Boniface, Count of Savoy (1245-1263)
  • Boniface I, Margrave of Tuscany (died 823)
  • Boniface II, Margrave of Tuscany (died c. 838)
  • Boniface III, Margrave of Tuscany (c. 985-1052)
  • Boniface of Verona (died 1317 or 1318), powerful Lombard Crusader lord in Frankish Greece
  • Politicians

  • Boniface Alexandre (born 1936), Haitian politician, acting President of Haiti (2004-2006)
  • Boniface Berthin Zakahely, Malagasy politician
  • Boniface S. Emerengwa, Nigerian lawyer and politician
  • Boniface Florescu (1848–1899), Romanian polygraph and politician
  • Athletes

  • Boniface Ambani (born 1982), Kenyan retired footballer
  • Boniface Toroitich Kiprop (born 1985), Ugandan long-distance runner
  • Boniface Merande (born 1962), Kenyan retired middle-distance runner
  • Boniface N'Dong (born 1977), Senegalese retired professional basketball player
  • Boniface Songok (born 1980), Kenyan middle-distance runner
  • Boniface Usisivu (born 1974), Kenyan marathon runner
  • Surname

  • André Boniface (born 1934), French retired rugby union player
  • Bruce Boniface (born 1981), singer, songwriter and producer whose stage name is Boniface
  • Charles Etienne Boniface (1787-1853), French music teacher, playwright, journalist and polyglot
  • Frédéric Boniface (born 1971), French former footballer
  • George C. Boniface (1832-1912), American actor
  • Guy Boniface (1937-1968), French rugby union footballer
  • Gwen Boniface, Canadian police officer, lawyer and first female Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police (1998-2006)
  • Symona Boniface (1894-1950), American film actress, particularly in Three Stooges shorts
  • William Boniface, author of The Adventures of Max the Minnow (or simply Max the Minnow) and Mystery in Bugtown
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