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Bois Franc (AMT)

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Parking  754 spaces
Fare zone  2
Opened  1994
Bicycle facilities  21 spaces
Province  Québec
Bois-Franc (AMT)
Location  5465 Henri-Bourassa Blvd. West, Montreal, Quebec
Connections  STM buses   Société de transport de Laval
Electrified  25 kV AC 60 Hz catenary
Address  Montréal, QC H4R 1B7, Canada
Similar  Gare Montpellier, Henri‑Bo, Côte‑Vertu / Bombardi, Station Cartier, Gare Sunnybro

Bois-Franc is a commuter rail station on the AMT Deux-Montagnes Line in the Greater Montreal, Quebec, Canada area.


Origin of name

Bois-Franc takes its name from the nearby Bois-Franc residential development, itself named for chemin du Bois-Franc, the original name of the stretch of boulevard Henri-Bourassa through this area, which had previously ended at the Laurentian Autoroute. Bois Franc was also the original name of the nearby pioneer airstrip that later was known as Cartierville Airport, until its closing in the 1980s.


The original station was named Lazard (likely for the merchant bank Lazard Frères & Co. which underwrote the construction of the Mount Royal Tunnel on this railline). In 1926 the station was renamed Val-Royal. After the modernization of the Deux-Montagnes Line, between 1993 and 1995, a new station named Bois-Franc was built; the original station was then demolished at the request of the Canadian National Railway and with the permission of Transport Canada, on June 5, 1995.


The station is located at 5465 Henri Bourassa Boulevard West, between Marcel-Laurin Boulevard/Boulevard Laurentien (Route 117) and Grenet Street in Saint-Laurent on the border with Cartierville.

Cartierville branch and station

A single-track electrified (2400 V DC) branch to Cartierville, a relic of when the line terminated there in Canadian Northern Railway days, left the line at (then) Val-Royal station. In later Canadian National years, only one rush-hour trip in each direction existed. It was abandoned in the early 1980s when STM predecessor STCUM took over operation of the Deux-Montagnes line. The Cartierville station was located at the corner of West Gouin and Laurentian boulevards. The Cartierville Station was to have been the terminus of Line 3 (Red) of the Montreal Metro.


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