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Bogart–Bacall syndrome

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Bogart–Bacall syndrome (BBS) is a voice disorder that is caused by abuse or overuse of the vocal cords.

People who speak or sing outside their normal vocal range can develop BBS; symptoms are chiefly an unnaturally deep or rough voice, or dysphonia, and vocal fatigue. The people most commonly afflicted are those who speak in a low-pitched voice, particularly if they have poor breath and vocal control. The syndrome can affect both men and women.

In 1988 an article was published, describing a discrete type of vocal dysfunction which results in men sounding like Humphrey Bogart and women sounding like Lauren Bacall. BBS is now the medical term for an ongoing hoarseness that often afflicts actors, singers or TV/radio voice workers who routinely speak in a very low pitch.

Treatment usually involves voice therapy by a speech language pathologist.


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