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Bob Gibson (artist)

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Died  September 2010

Robert Michael "Bob" Gibson (1938 - September 2010) was a British artist and illustrator who is best known for creating the illustrations & album art that appears in The Beatles' 1967 LP, "The Magical Mystery Tour" released on Parlophone Records.

Along with George Dunning's animated film set to a Beatles' soundtrack, The Yellow Submarine, the insert to The Magical Mystery Tour may be considered a classic artifact of psychedelic art, given its allegorical drug references, its bizarre illustrative style, the use of colourful 'bell-bottomed fonts', the "disconnected, " narrative etc.

Gibson worked on The Beatles Book which was the creation of a publisher, Sean O'Mahony. Due to the extreme paucity of information about this individual despite the integral role he played in a release that may be considered part of the canon of popular culture during the latter half of the 20th century, one of the best-selling albums by a band that is one of the most intensively documented musical groups in history, there has been some speculation about the name being adopted by some other artist as a pseudonym. This speculation is completely erroneous. Gibson was born in Glasgow in 1938. He died in September 2010 after a long illness. He was known affectionately by The Beatles as "Dr Bob" after the song Dr. Robert on the Revolver album,and as the author of The Rough Guide to the Beatles would have discovered had he contacted Sir Paul McCartney.A more comprehensive biography will follow shortly.


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