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Blitzkrieg (heavy metal band)

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Genres  Heavy metal
Genre  Heavy metal
Past members  Former members
Blitzkrieg (heavy metal band) Blitzkrieg Encyclopaedia Metallum The Metal Archives
Years active  1980–1981, 1984–1991, 1992–1994, 1996–1999, 2001–present
Website  www.blitzkriegmusic.com
Origin  Leicester, United Kingdom (1980)
Albums  A Time of Changes, Sins and Greed
Members  Alan Ross, Ken Johnson, Huw Holding, Matt Graham, Brian Ross, Jim Sirotto, Ian Jones
Record labels  Neat Records, Roadrunner Records
Similar  Diamond Head, Satan, Tygers of Pan Tang, Avenger, Sweet Savage

Blitzkrieg are a heavy metal band initially from Leicester formed in 1980. The current line-up is Brian Ross (vocals), Ken Johnson (guitar), Alan Ross (guitar), Huw Holding (bass) and Matt Graham (drums). Brian Ross is the only remaining member from the band's founding.


Blitzkrieg (heavy metal band) Blitzkrieg Encyclopaedia Metallum The Metal Archives


Blitzkrieg (heavy metal band) Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg discography videos mp3 biography review

Blitzkrieg was formed in October 1980 after signing a record deal with Neat Records, a label that was signing many of the bands involved with the new wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM) movement. In the early stages of Blitzkrieg's career they regularly produced gigs in England, but then later split in 1981. Brian Ross most notably went on to join Satan, another metal band, along with stints in Avenger, Lone Wolf and Unter den Linden. In 1984 Ross and fellow founding member Jim Sirotto, along with guitarist Mick Proctor (ex-Tygers of Pan Tang), bass player Mick Moore (of Avenger) and drummer Sean Taylor (Satan/Blind Fury, ex-Raven) then decided that it was time to record the Blitzkrieg album that was originally planned to be released in 1981, A Time of Changes. It was later released in 1985.

Blitzkrieg (heavy metal band) httpsmetalsquadronfileswordpresscom201311

Blitzkrieg released 10 Years of Blitzkrieg in 1991. The released Unholy Trinity in 1995. The album Ten was released in 1997. The Mists of Avalon was released in 1998.

Ross was then involved in a car accident, which temporarily kept Blitzkrieg from playing. After he recovered, the band released the albums, Absolute Power (a studio album), Absolutely Live (a live album) and Sins and Greed. On 10 August 2007, Blitzkrieg released their album Theatre of the Damned through their record label Armageddon Music.

Blitzkrieg (heavy metal band) Blitzkrieg heavy metal band Wikipedia

Blitzkrieg is the seventh track from Metallica's 1998 album Garage, Inc. second disc. It was written by Ian Jones, Jim Sirotto and Brian Ross, with a length of 3:36.

Blitzkrieg (heavy metal band) Morbidzinecom BLITZKRIEG INTERVIEW WITH KEN JOHNSON

Originally released by Blitzkrieg in 1981 as a B-side to the "Buried Alive" single, Metallica had already released their version on 1984's "Creeping Death" single (aka Garage Days Revisited).

Metallica have played this song live 82 times. The first time was March 14, 1982, in Anaheim, CA.


  • Brian Ross - vocals (1980–1981, 1984–91, 1992–94, 1996–99, 2001–present)
  • Ken Johnson - guitars (2002–present)
  • Alan Ross - guitars (2012–present)
  • Huw Holding - bass (2012–present)
  • Matt Graham - drums (2015–present)
  • Former members

    Guitars :

  • Ian Jones (1980–81)
  • Jim Sirotto (1980–81, 1984–86) [born Jim Sieroto]
  • John Antcliffe (1981)
  • Mick Proctor (1984–86)
  • J D Binnie (1986–87)
  • Chris Beard (1986–87)
  • Steve Robertson (1988–89)
  • Glenn S. Howes (1988–90, 1996–99)
  • Tony J. Liddle (1989–96, 2001–02)
  • Phil Millar (1996)
  • Martin Richardson (1996–98)
  • Paul Nesbitt (1992, 1998–2006)
  • Guy Laverick (2006-2011)
  • Ken Johnson (2002–present )
  • Alan Ross (2012–present)
  • Bass :

  • Steve English (1980–81)
  • Mick Moore (1981, 1984–86, 1991)
  • Darren Parnaby (1986–87)
  • Robbie Robertson (1988–89)
  • Glenn Carey (1989–90)
  • Dave Anderson (1992–94)
  • Steve Ireland (1996)
  • Gavin Gray (1996–99)
  • Andy Galloway (2001–04)
  • Bill Baxter (2012–2017 )
  • Drums :

  • Steve Abbey (1980–81)
  • Sean Taylor (1984–86, 1991–94)
  • Sean Wilkinson (1986–87)
  • Kyle Gibson (1988–89)
  • Gary Young (1989–90)
  • Paul Ward (1996)
  • Paul White (1996)
  • Neil Nattrass (1996)
  • Mark Hancock (1996–98)
  • Mark Windebank (1998–99)
  • Mick Kerrigan (2012–2015)
  • Matt Graham (2015–present)
  • Songs

    Buried AliveA Time of Changes · 1985
    A Time of ChangesA Time of Changes · 1985
    Theatre of the Damned2008


    Blitzkrieg (heavy metal band) Wikipedia

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