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Blephilia ciliata

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Lamiaceae
Rank  Species
Order  Lamiales
Genus  Blephilia
Blephilia ciliata Blephilia ciliata downy woodmint Go Botany

Similar  Blephilia, Blephilia hirsuta, Coreopsis tripteris, Liatris squarrosa, Solidago nemoralis

Blephilia ciliata is an herbaceous perennial of the mint family Lamiaceae native to eastern North America. It is commonly called downy wood mint. Other common names include downy pagoda plant, sunny woodmint and Ohio horsemint.

Carl Linnaeus described the downy wood mint as Monarda ciliata, before George Bentham gave it its current binomial name.

Blephilia ciliata Blephilia ciliata downy woodmint Go Botany

Blephilia ciliata grows as a perennial herb reaching 40 to 80 cm (15.5 to 31.5 in) high.

It was traditionally used by the Cherokee to make a poultice to treat headaches.

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Blephilia ciliata Downy Wood Mint Blephilia ciliata


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