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Biotechnology Heritage Award

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1999 (1999)

Biotechnology Heritage Award

Awarded for
Contributions to the development of biotechnology.

Presented by
Biotechnology Industry Organization, Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Biotechnology Heritage Award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of biotechnology through discovery, innovation, and public understanding. It is presented annually at the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Annual International Convention by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF). The purpose of the award is "to encourage emulation, inspire achievement, and promote public understanding of modern science, industry, and economics".


The award is given yearly and was first presented in 1999.

  • Stanley Norman Cohen, 2016
  • Moshe Alafi and William K. Bowes, 2015
  • Robert S. Langer, 2014
  • George Rosenkranz, 2013
  • Nancy Chang, 2012
  • Joshua S. Boger, 2011
  • Arthur D. Levinson, 2010
  • Robert T. Fraley, 2009
  • Henri A. Termeer, 2008
  • Ronald E. Cape, 2007
  • Alejandro Zaffaroni, 2006
  • Paul Berg, 2005
  • Leroy Hood, 2004
  • William J. Rutter, 2003
  • Walter Gilbert, 2002
  • Francis S. Collins and J. Craig Venter, 2001
  • Herbert Boyer and Robert A. Swanson, 2000
  • George B. Rathmann, 1999
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