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Big Loo

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Big Loo was a toy robot manufactured by Louis Marx and Company for the 1963 Christmas holiday season. It retailed for $9.99. The toy, primarily made of injection molded hi-impact polystyrene parts, stood three-feet tall (37-inches), a foot wide, and nine inches deep.

Its key features included a sight scope with cross-hairs, two flashing battery-powered red eyes with an on-off switch, a hand-cranked mechanical voice box that played ten messages, two rubber-tipped darts that were fired from triggers on the back, a left arm that held four red balls which were fired from a spring in the left elbow, and a right arm that had a grasping claw able to pick up objects. One foot was equipped with a spring-powered rocket. It could also squirt water from its navel and was equipped with a compass, whistle, bell, a Morse code clicker with chart, and could bend over at the waist .

In 2016, new record values were set on some of the original accessories, with an original instruction sheet selling for over $220., and an original whistle going for over $600., both on Ebay. An average robot averages now at $600.+ with normal wear and imperfections (with no or very few accessories), and one that still "talks" with the original recorded voice and hand crank always commands more money. Near mint condition Loo's sell for 2 to $3000. and more. If you're fortunate enough to still have the original BOX that the robot came in, depending upon the condition, it could add well over $1000. to the overall value of the toy!

Big Loo was featured on the cover of the Los Lobos album Colossal Head.


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