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Bertrand de Poulengy

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Name  Bertrand Poulengy

Bertrand de Poulengy or Polongy, nicknamed Pollichon, was said to be born in 1392, somewhere in the Champagne region of France. His father was a nobleman named Jean De Poulengy, though no information is currently known about his mother.

Bertrand De Poulengy was described as a nobleman, an equerry of King Charles VII, and about sixty-three years old at the time of Joan Of Arc's rehabilitation trial in 1455.

He was also the squire who accompanied Joan Of Arc to Chinon with Jean De Metz and other appointed escorts, and (along with De Metz) continued to accompany Joan on her adventures throughout her military career, until her capture at Compiègne in March 1430.

In popular culture

Bertrand De Poulengy was portrayed by Cliff Saunders in the 1999 miniseries Joan Of Arc, and by Ray Teal in the 1948 film Joan Of Arc. He also appeared as a character in the video games Age of Empires II and Jeanne D'Arc.


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