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Below Zero (Robert Rich album)

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Released  1998
Below Zero (1998)  Seven Veils (1998)
Release date  1998
Label  Side Effects
Length  64:29
Artist  Robert Rich
Producer  Robert Rich
Genre  Ambient music
Below Zero (Robert Rich album) he3magnatunecommusicRobert20RichBelow20Zero
Recorded  1993 and 1996 at Soundscape Studio
Similar  A Troubled Resting Place, Calling Down the Sky, Seven Veils, Music from Atlas Dei, Temple of the Invisible

Below Zero (1998) is an album by the American ambient musician Robert Rich. It is a compilation of work that were released on multi-artist collections, works created for such albums due later that year and previously unreleased tracks.


This is the second compilation of this type released by Robert Rich, the first being A Troubled Resting Place (1996). It also follows a similar style to A Troubled Resting Place, consisting of turbulent organic atmospheres.

Track listing

  1. "Star Maker" – 21:24
    1. "Interstellar Travel"
    2. "Worlds Innumerable"
    3. "The Beginning and the End"
    4. "The Myth of Creation"
    (Originally released on Narratives: Works of Fiction, 1996)
  2. "Dissolving the Seeds of a Moment" – 10:42
  3. "A Flock of Metal Creatures Fleeing the Onslaught of Rust" – 7:02
  4. "Termite Epiphany" – 8:16
  5. "Liquid Air" – 9:00
  6. "Requiem" – 7:35


1Star Maker21:26
2Dissolving the Seeds of a Moment10:49
3A Flock of Metal Creatures Fleeing the Onslaught of Rust7:09


Below Zero (Robert Rich album) Wikipedia

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