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Belarusian presidential election, 1994

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23 June & 10 July 1994  2001 →
80.6%  14.2%
4,241,026  748,329
Belarusian presidential election, 1994

Presidential elections were held in Belarus on 23 June 1994, with a second round on 10 July. They were the first national elections held in Belarus since the country seceded from the Soviet Union three years earlier. The result was a victory for Alexander Lukashenko, who received 80.6% of the vote in the second round. Voter turnout was 79.0% in the first round and 70.6% in the second.

To date, this has been the only free and fair national election ever held in Belarus. Over the next two years, Lukashenko increased his power step by step, to the point that by 1996 he effectively held all governing power in the nation.


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