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Beaver Creek (Lorain County, Ohio)

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Mouth  Lake Erie
Cities  Lorain, Amherst Township
Beaver Creek (Lorain County, Ohio)

Beaver Creek is a large creek in Lorain County, Ohio, USA. It flows through the township (and the village) of Amherst, and through the western end of the corporation-limits of the City of Lorain, and into Lake Erie.

  • The entire Beaver Creek watershed is composed of two main branches (originally called "Big Beaver" and "Little Beaver"), and several small tributaries.
  • Beaver Creek's main branch follows these basic co-ordinates: 41.2814393 -82.2882163 / 41.3750450 -82.2393232 / 41.4361526 -82.2498785
  • The area at the mouth/outlet of this creek has been historically known as "Oak Point".
  • Beaver Creek has an important history in the early pioneer-settlement of this land-area of Ohio ( including the "Beaver Creek Settlement" of 1810, and, in particular, the later development of the village of Amherst. In fact, those same pioneer-settlers are said to have named this creek in honor of their former homeland in western Pennsylvania. (Prior to their arrival, the creek had been known as the "Riviere en Grys".)
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