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Beast Quest

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Language  English
Published  2007–present
Publisher  Grolier
Genre  Children's Fantasy
Author  Adam Blade
Country  United Kingdom
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Illustrator  David Wyatt, Steve Sims.
Media type  Print (hardback and paperback) E-book
Books  Ferno the Fire Dragon, Arcta the Mountain Giant, Tagus: The Horse‑man, Tartok - the Ice Beast, Epos the Flame Bird
Similar  Arcta the Mountain Giant, Epos the Flame Bird, Ferno the Fire Dragon, Tagus: The Horse‑man, Zepha the Monster Squid

Beast quest book trailer book by adam blade

Beast Quest is a best-selling series of children's fantasy/adventure novels produced by Working Partners Ltd and written by several authors all using the house name Adam Blade. An editorial team at Working Partners first creates the storyline for each book and "then approach[es] a number of writers whose experience and style we think might suit the project and ask them to write a sample – usually the first three chapters of the book... The editorial team picks the sample with the voice that we think works best for the project." The main series had achieved 106 books published by mid-2017.

The series is published by Orchard Books in the UK and by Scholastic Corporation in the US and is aimed largely at boys aged 7 and over. The novels have been described as "clearly and simply written, [striking] the right balance between adventure and story telling" and a "great series to get lads, who normally wouldn't be, interested in reading." Kathryn Flett, writing in London's The Observer, has called the books "almost certainly a work of publishing (if not quite literary) genius... Narnia meets Pokémon via Potter." The books are among the most-borrowed from UK lending libraries. There is also a companion science fiction series called Sea Quest.


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