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Bavarian C IV

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Bavarian C IV

The C IV was a steam locomotive, that was manufactured between 1884 and 1897 for the Royal Bavarian State Railways (K├Âniglich Bayerische Staatsbahn). Between 1884 and 1893 a total of 87 units two-cylinder, saturated steam engines were delivered. They were followed by two compound engines in 1889 for testing and then 98 more compounds from 1892 to 1897. The locomotives, which for the first time did not have the external frames typical in Bavaria up to that time, were soon no longer equal to the demands made on them. In spite of that, many were taken over by the Deutsche Reichsbahn, designated as Class 53.80-81 and allocated the operating numbers 53 8011 to 8064 and 53 8081 to 8168. The two-cylinder engines were retired by 1926, the compound variants in this class by 1931.

The original locomotives were equipped with Bavarian 3 T 10.2 tenders; the compound engines had Bavarian 3 T 10.5 tenders.


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