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Battle of the Neva

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Date  15 July 1240
Result  Novgorodian victory
Battle of the Neva Battle on the Neva
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The Battle of the Neva (Russian: Невская битва, Nevskaya bitva, Swedish: slaget vid Neva, Finnish: Nevan taistelu) was fought between the Novgorod Republic and Karelians against Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Tavastian armies on the Neva River, near the settlement of Ust-Izhora, on 15 July 1240. The battle is only mentioned in Russian sources, which raises doubts about its significance or even existence.


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The purpose of the invasion was probably to gain control over the mouth of the Neva and the city of Ladoga and, hence, seize the most important part of the trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks, which had been under Novgorod's control for more than a hundred years. The battle was part of the medieval Swedish-Novgorodian Wars and continuum to Finnish-Novgorodian wars.

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