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Banksia formosa

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Proteaceae
Subgenus  Banksia subg. Banksia
Scientific name  Banksia formosa
Order  Proteales
Genus  Banksia
Series  Banksia ser. Dryandra
Rank  Species
Banksia formosa wwwgardensonlinecomauUploadsPlant1257Banksi
Similar  Banksia ser Dryandra, Banksia heliantha, Banksia polycephala, Banksia fraseri, Banksia falcata

Banksia formosa, commonly known as Showy Dryandra, is a shrub endemic to Western Australia. It was known as Dryandra formosa until 2007, when all Dryandra species were transferred to Banksia by Austin Mast and Kevin Thiele.

Banksia formosa Banksia formosa Dryandra formosa Showy Dryandra Flickr

An assessment of the potential impact of climate change on this species found that its range is likely to contract by between 50% and 80% by 2080, depending on the severity of the change.

Banksia formosa Image Banksia formosa Showy Dryandra BioLibcz
Banksia formosa Dryandra formosa Showy Dryandra Gardening With Angus
Banksia formosa Australian Seed BANKSIA formosa syn Drayandra formosa
Banksia formosa Banksia formosa syn Dryandra formosa


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