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Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary

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Karnataka has two peacock sanctuaries, one at Adichunchanagiri and an other at Bankapura fort . Bankapur Peacock sanctuary is in side the Bankapura Fort in Bankapura in Haveri District.

Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary in Haveri History Reviews Photos

Fodder grown exclusively for Khilari bulls in the area has become an ideal peafowl habitat. The moat is about 36 km long, 10–15 metres wide and 7–8 metres deep.

Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary Bankapur Peacock Sanctuary Bankapura Haveri District

The banks of the moat are covered with Acacia, Neem and Ficus plants. Crops like maize, jowar and horse gram grown regularly for cattle are delicacies of the peafowl.

Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary The Voice of Greenery Trekking and Travelling in Western Ghats

The peacock sanctuary in Bankapur is the only second sanctuary in the country that is exclusively engaged in the conservation and breeding of peacocks.

Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary The Voice of Greenery Trekking and Travelling in Western Ghats

Understanding the great presence of peacocks in the region, the Government of India declared Bankapura as a peacock sanctuary on June 9, 2006. Any visitor to this sanctuary will not return without seeing a flock of peacock, our national bird, happily dancing in the sprawling sanctuary, without a care in the world.

Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary The Voice of Greenery Trekking and Travelling in Western Ghats

This sanctuary is situated on 139 acres of land which has the remains of the historic Bankapura Fort. The high mound and deep trenches of the land have provided a perfect home for these birds. The sanctuary is located on the cattle breeding farm which was set up in 1919 after the First World War. The farm is located in 90 acres (360,000 m2), out of the total 139 acres (0.56 km2) of the sanctuary.

According to a rough estimate, there are more than 1,000 peacocks and peahen in the sanctuary. Also, minimal human intervention has helped in the breeding of these birds. They walk royally on the 4 km mound and also perch on green trees. The officials of the Department of Veterinary Sciences have shown great interest in the conservation of these birds, making it easy for the Forest Department to carry on with their job.

Bankpura Fort is home for not only for peafowl, but also a number of other birds like wood pecker, great-horned owl, babbler, magpie, robin, green bee eater, nightjar, spotted maina, paradise flycatcher, Indian robin, spotted dove, parakeets, kingfisher, grey hornbill, blue tailed bee eater, blacked winged kite, tailor bird etc.


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